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10 tech predictions from the staff of Android Authority (Latest version)

2018 is almost at an end and this is undoubtedly An excellent year for smartphones. We're already getting ready for 2019's early high-profile reports, and – licking aside – we're pretty sure our veteran industry & # 39; gives a good idea of ​​what to expect.

Here are ten of them Android Authority Staff's best and most predictions for what 2019 will hold.

Gaming phones are becoming more competitive

If you haven't noticed, mobile gaming is a great thing, especially in China. So big in that we now have a number of dedicated gambling machines on the market, including the Razer Phone 2, Asus ROG Phone, and Xiaomi Black Shark.

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The leading processor specifications alone will not be enough next year, we predict Luka Mlinar. Game phones must offer more. This is definitely true if you think every other flagship smartphone will use the next chipset next year: the Snapdragon 855.

We can see better cooling systems, but gimicks like "speed boost" play modes don't let anyone down. Instead, gaming phones can offer morph superior controllers, even higher screen refresh rates, better audio and feedback features, and perhaps even more useful gaming software and ecosystem tools. Personally, I'm still waiting for a Sony Xperia Play reload to give us a wonderful gift PlayStation phone.

Facebook will be (unfortunately) good

2018 was not a good year for Facebook, nor for the privacy of its users. Scandal after scandal hit the social network throughout 2018, but it's still stuck. Facebook will do unpleasant things in 2019, so Sam Moore provides.

I probably don't need you to remind you Cambridge Analytica scandal, the US Senate hearing, 50 million accounts cut, the further data theft of 29 million users, private photo & # 39; s exposed, and recent revelations about award Message access to third party companies. But I will. Honestly, it's amazing that the company didn't succumb to any of these things. I can only understand that Facebook is so deeply integrated into people's lives that they can't get rid of it.

If you're looking for a healthy New Year's resolution, give at least less of your precious personal data to Mark.

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The back of the Nokia 9. 91Mobiles / OnLeaks

As of 2018 the year of the triple camera, 2019 will be the year of the quad or even quintuple camera monster. Or so Android Authority's Joe Hindy and Williams Pelegrin predict.


The launch of telephone, wide angle, monochrome and depth sensor combination combinations made this year a new notch photography. It will definitely not be a surprise to see manufacturers throwing everything they can at both front and rear camera setups in 2019. Samsung already has a four-camera phone with its Galaxy A9 2018 edition and flagship models can go even further.

Heck, like that template Nokia 9 game It seems to be true we can look to our first penta camera next year. This will make triple cameras look like pedestrians positively. But it will be better than a pixel?

Goodbye cups, hello gate

Honesty View20 selfie camera

Display gate (is it so serious we call them?) Is a safe bet for 2019, so it's not surprising that some of our staff have suggested this one. We all know Samsung & # 39; s Infinity-O is displayed is in production and already has our first look at the History 20 and his performance hole. Expect a number of 2019 smartphones to sport this new look.

This progress in display cutting technology opens the door to some cool new technological tricks to replace the notch. In-display cameras are a given, but manufacturers can also hide many more sensors, such as 3D face scanning, in these holes.

We also saw our first in-screen fingerprint scanners hit the market this year Samsung's UPS screen technology suggests that it has found a way to cover cameras within panels as well. Perhaps manufacturers will hide other pieces of front technology seamlessly in 2019 in 2019. Overall, these trends probably mean even thinner invasions for 2019's smartphones.

Cryptocurrency eventually gets a useful dApp or dies

I think it was a serious suggestion by Tristan Rayner, but what can be certain about it comes to the seemingly infinite, reality-elusive possibilities of blockchain?

Despite this year's major setbacks for the valuations of popular cryptographic curves, the fundamental aspects of secure open ledgers and decentralized applications remain appealing. 2019 can finally be the year that a breakthrough application (dApp) that relies on blockchain appears. Perhaps completed with its own currency to ensure the data is switched.

Luka is not so optimistic about cryptocurrencies, and who can blame him after the Bitcoin bubble broke early last year. $ 17.1k to just $ 3.7k over the past twelve months certainly looks like curtains for the popularity of the currency. 2019 may be the year that determines the lot of crypto values. Or a breakthrough dApp seems to renew faith, or the idea remains its gradual decline in irrelevance.

Just please, No more attempts at a blockchain phone. OK, everyone?

Battery life won't get better (unfortunately)

Adam Molina points out that we are probably not longer battery life next year. A disappointing prediction given that it consistently becomes one of the most requested updates on phones every year.

But with battery sizes gradually increasing and smartphone processors moving to more efficiency 7nm processes, you're probably wondering why we're not predicting a revolution in battery life.

First, manufacturers still find new ways to consume these power savings. It's a higher-processing processor and plays higher quality, better and higher resolution, new power-consuming content such as HDR video, more powerful multi-camera setup, and 5G. Secondly, even over a 20 percent boost for battery life may only add up to one hour of screen time on many phones. Of course, it's a good thing, but even for the best phones that last a whole day, that extra hour or even two, won't make the difference in the next milestone.

Sorry about this one.

We're still waiting for Android Pie Updates

Hadlee Simons is also pessimistic in his expectations for 2019 – many of us will be hammering on Saturday for the refresh button for us. Android Pie Update.

Hadlee has a pretty good point. Despite the launch of Project Treble for Oreobased devices, we have not seen the largest manufacturer offering, which is faster working times Android Pie. Huawei may only be able to print its updates before the end of the year, but Samsung, LG, HTC, and others have not yet pushed their updates for many clients, except for some preview programs.

Instead, the lesser-known OEMs with a smaller number of handsets to support have done a better job. Essential and OnePlus are especially fast adopters, along with other stock-like OS manufacturers. Unfortunately, even Treble does not seem to encourage large manufacturers to set up the necessary resources to print faster software updates for their phones. Mid-range handsets also seem to be forgotten.

We will find at least two ways to complain about the notch

Hopefully 2018 will not be remembered as the year of the notch. Although not universally deterred, it is definitely one of them more controversial adoptions in the smartphone this year – so much so that the notch has grown more than its share of memes and jokes over the past year and a bit.

We've heard it this year, because it's really ugly (I look at you Pixel 3 XL) This makes phones like scandalous iPhone clones. There were also many complaints about some of the software that made the Android Pie on the two packs, like the clock position, to accommodate the notch. You definitely know what you don't like.

Our executive editor, Kris Carlon, says we'll find at least two new things next year. Better get cracked.

Phones with 16 GB of RAM

Our own Feliks Mangus predicts that smartphones could be packed in a powerful 16GB RAM shelves in 2019. This would undoubtedly be disrupted, but is it possible?

The weak OnePlus 6T McLaren edition comes in a crazy 10GB RAM variant. The newly announced Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Already, 12GB of RAM promises with a brand new one Snapdragon 855 SoC And we're not even in 2019's most important smartphone announcements.

While 8GB is likely to be a meaningful limit for most flagpole smartphones, we will definitely see some manufacturers increase the RAM even higher. As if just grabbing news, rather than offering revolutionary performance.

5G said on Galaxy Note 8

5G does not live up to the hype

Both Tristan and I now call this one: 5G is not going to be the smart phone game changer, as many companies are eager to go.

Editor's choice

Remembering the rollout of 4G LTE, you already know what to expect. Only certain cities will see the technology first and even then the coverage will be at its best mockery. Linking it to the unknowns about smartphone forms factors and, more importantly, battery life and the first 5G smartphones may not be so attractive.

It says, 5G works. It's going to have some interesting uses for home and business internet access, and ultimately, mass IoT and all the other jargon. But for smartphones, 2019's 5G wireless rollout is likely to be a subdued experience for most of us. Unless you are so crazy, 4K HDR video goes to your small 6-inch screen outside a mmWave base station in downtown New York.

What about your predictions?

That's enough of us, what are your biggest predictions for smartphones, and technology in general, in 2019?

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