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5 biggest mobile game announcements from E3 2019 (Latest version)

E3 is still a lot of a computer and console gaming event. However, we see more and more mobile games every year and this year was no exception. There were many announcements, but a few were among the rest. This was mostly announced during press conferences as part of the big show. Game publishers have not yet been given the art of adding mobile games to press conferences, but each has a little hype generated. Here are the biggest mobile game announcements from E3 2019.

Commander Keen

Commandant Keen blessed Bethesda's event. This is one of Id Software's oldest games and his first launch was all the way back in 1990. This new mobile game follows the story of Commander Keen's kids as they kick off an adventure to save Dadmiral Keen. There is a single player story, card collection style game, and an online PvP where Billy and Billie fight each other. The game needs to provide decent arcade fun on the mobile platform. However, some older ID software employees, Commander Keen purists, and non-mobile games do not like the direction the game went into. We don't blame them, but we'll wait to put our hands on the line before we make a final decision.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Square Enix announced some mobile games. The first is a mobile remaster of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle. It was originally launched in 2004 on GameCube. This is led by Android, IOS, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It tells the story of heroes trying to rejuvenate the Giant Crystal after a meteorite destroyed it 1,000 years earlier. It will be a long, narrative campaign for sure. Square Enix does excellent work with its old Final Fantasy gates and it should be no exception. Unfortunately, most Square Enix mobile ports are expensive. Don't be shocked if this one is at $ 15 or more.

Gears POP!

Gears POP! is probably closest to the launch of any mobile game on E3 2019. It's a joint effort between the Gears of War franchise and Funko Pop! It's a little small arcade shooter with some strategy elements. It features over 30 Gears of War characters, simple games, special abilities, and the usual online PvP. It's almost nothing like Gears of War itself, and the pace is a bit slow. However, it should work well as an accessible, free mobile game for fans of the series who want to kill a few minutes. It is now available for pre-registration on the Play Store if you are interested.

Tom Clancy's Elite team

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad is the famous franchise's first fall into the mobile gaming space. This will include both single and multiplayer modes along with online PvP. There are also gacha elements and players can collect characters from all previous Tom Clancy games. It won't be as good as the console versions, but again it's not a bad arcade action game for fans of the franchise. The PvP modes are 5 vs 5, so you can play with and against many other people. This one is also available for pre-registration. But you have to sign up via the official website of the game.

War of Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

War of Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is the second game in Sqaure Enix's Brave Exvius universe. The first is a mobile RPG with gacha elements and a surprisingly decent story and soundtrack. This new game is a strategy RPG in the same style as Final Fantasy Tactics. It remains in the same universe as Brave Exvius, but features a different story and completely different game elements. Square Enix officially launched the game in Japan earlier in 2019. However, E3 2019 has seen a worldwide announcement. It should be officially launched in 2019. The original Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is intensely popular and one of the best gachas on the phone. We expect the War of Visions to continue the tradition.

If we missed any major mobile game announcements from E3 2019, please tell us in the comments!

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