5G isn’t available in most markets yet, but Samsung is starting work on 6G (Latest version)

5G Not available in many markets at the moment, with Europe, South Korea and the US currently offering 5G connectivity. It doesn't stop Samsung of focus on 6G but according to that Korean Herald.

& Nbsp; N Samsung Officer said: "The current telecommunications technology standards team has been expanded to launch research on the 6G network."

It's not surprising that companies at 6G are now focusing on 6G, as companies with a lead can probably somehow form the standard before eventually rolling into the real world. But how can 6G improve on 5G?

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5G is much faster and offers lower latency than 4G, while also being able to handle more devices connected to a network. We would expect 6G (or whatever is mentioned) to be improved on board issues. but mmWave 5G is especially temperament in terms of coverage compared to sub-6Ghz 5G and legacy 4G connectivity, so it looks like one focus area for the next generation standard.

We're probably at least five years away from 6G to become a reality – see how long it took us to go from 4G to 5G. But what do you want to see from the next generation standard? Let us know in the comment section!

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