Android and iOS are more similar than ever, and that’s a good thing (Latest version)

Every spring, Google and Apple show new features that go to Android and IOS respectively. This year, Google announced Android Q at Google I / O and Apple announced iOS 13 WWDC. People who own an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Apple TV have a lot to look out for when the revised platforms arrive late in the fall.

Android fans may have seen some familiar features iOS 13 or watchOS 6. While it may be nice to get to some companies' lack of originality behind some of the new ideas, it's important to remember that the bigger picture is important.

Apple's login challenges Google and Facebook

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Often, the worst part of downloading and installing is from a new program or game to a unique username and password. Google and Facebook partially solved this issue via Google and Facebook authentication. In short, these tools allow people to use their existing Google or Facebook account to create a new program profile. Consumers get quick and painless app logins, and the program writer gets a richer set of user data.

Apple iOS 13 drawing screen iphone xs 06032019 in

Apple today announced Apple Sign In, a new consumer option. Apple's pitch is, without surprise, privacy. With Apple's sign-in tools, people can control how much information is shared with the developer, such as phone number, physical location, and email address. What is interesting about Apple's implementation is that it will mask the user's email address and other personal information as they please. Programs will still be able to contact those users, but only via random email addresses. This will prevent the programs from sharing clients' details with others.

It will of course be for individual developers to accept this feature and there is no guarantee they will. (Apple may give the attribute mandate, but didn't say if it's going). However, Google and Facebook can rethink their signup offer if they don't want Apple to own the privacy story.

Dark off all the things

Android q beta 3 dark theme fast settings google pixel 2xl

Google has shown system wide Dark at I / O just last month, and today Apple's turn to take on the latest craze in UI themes. For Android devices, Dark Mode – which powers screens that would normally be white or light-colored to assume a black background – is not 100% ready for primetime. The appeal here is that Dark Mode can be easier for some users. More importantly, Dark Mode can also help save battery life on phones with certain types of screens.

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Apple brought Dark Mode to its Mac computers last year and its implementation for the iPhone and iPad looks more or less the same. At the moment, we know that it can be set to turn on automatically at sunset and off at sunrise or at predetermined times controlled by the user. It's not clear now. Dark will be in iOS, or exactly how well it will compare to Dark Mode in Android Q.

Picture in picture

The revised Apple Photos app produced most ohs and ah early from WWDC participants. Apple & # 39; s Photos product team clearly spent time Google Photo's. The most important addition to photo's is machine learning. It opens many of the new features in the program itself, such as the ability to automatically select the best photo from a group or generate memories based on photos taken simultaneously or in the same location .

Apple iOS 13 photo's screen iphone xs 06032019

iPhone owners will also have better photo editing tools to extend their pix. Mirror some of the features Google Photo's, iOS 13 will allow two-way, immediate extensions and more of the light source to be used. One feature Apple Photos will have that Google Photo's not? The ability to turn video material. Get on it, Google.

Find & nbsp; voice

Google Pixel 3a Purple-ish Assistant

Apples Siri was one of the first voice-activated assistants, and is probably the most recognized. Siri's voice was voiced by a real actor. It was initially stultifying, but later reflected on a bit. Apple has taken Siri even more in iOS 13 to ensure the voice assistant has a more natural rhythm when speaking – by getting rid of the voting factor. Moving forward, Siri will be entirely generated by software. Apple said it was improving these improvements with a new neural text-to-speech engine. The results, as heard on stage, show a clearly more human sound assistant than the actual human voice version.

Google Assistant This strategy was adopted in 2018 and Google further refined it. Google Assistant is now available in six different voices (not included) John Legend).

A Streetcar called copycat

Google launched street View to Google Maps in 2007 and even included Street View as one of the earliest apps first Android phone back in 2008. Apple brings its own version of Street View to iOS 13 in 2019 because why not.

Street View in Apple Maps will allow navigators to enjoy 360 views of select cities and even move down streets to move between addresses. Apple did not say how pervasive it could be if it eventually came off the ground. Google Maps Street View is literally everywhere, including the Grand Canyon. Apple catches a little.

Apple ios 13 look around screen iphone xs-06032019

Movie of the pulse

People who own a watch Drag OS know they can browse for and download apps right from their wrist. With watchOS 6, Apple Watch owners will be able to do the same starting later this year.

WatchOS 6 seems to be looking to break some of the chains that bind the portable to iPhones. Apple Watch owners will be able to monitor ambient noise levels, use a calculator, follow female health cycles and display new watch levels. Developers still don't seem to have much control over creating their own look faces.

apple watchos6 app store mlb_060319

There is no doubt that Apple leads with watchOS 6 and the Apple Watch. This is one place where Google has to expand its game.

Everyone wins

At the end of the day, it's good for competition and good for consumers when companies are inspired by one another. For example, Apple was the first to market with a voice assistant, but Google came and did it much better.

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