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Android Q could bring Google Pay cards to power button, just like the iPhone (Latest version)

In the latest beta from Android Q, the power button does quite a bit. Of course, this brings up the power menu, but can also be used as a way to end a call, a way to stop the phone from calling, a way to launch the camera application quickly and more.

It appears that there can be at least one new power button cut added to Android: the ability to quickly scroll through you Google Pay cards. According to research by 9to5Google, this feature is baked in Android Q beta 4, but has not yet been enabled. It strongly suggests that the power button will continue shortcut with the stable launch.

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If it's not known at all, it's because the iPhone X and iPhone XS series already has this feature. On the iPhone XS, for example, double click on the power button to turn a carousel off Apple Pay cards to choose which one to use for your NFC payment.

However, on Android Q, it won't be a double tap: it will be a long press.

Since Google Pay is turned off in Android Q beta, we can't quite see this work. but 9to5Google could find the settings page that describes the feature and even an animation to show how it will look:

A GIF animation of what the Google Pay power button shortcut might look like in Android Q. 9to5Google

A snapshot of a setting page that is likely to appear in Android Q related to Google Pay and the power button. 9to5Google

The animation shows that the power menu flies to the bottom of the display as you browse through your Google Pay cards. This is a good idea as it will prevent you from accidentally accidentally pushing the power button long to just go to the power menu to find you have to play back and push the power button again.

However, it also makes the power selection very busy. With the shut-off button, reload button, screen button, emergency call button, and now Google Pay all in one menu, it looks like there's almost too much going on. It will be interesting to see how it speaks.

What do you think? Is this a welcome change? Let us know in the comments.

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