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Apple WWDC 2019: What we expect and how to watch for yourself (Latest version)

Apple WWDC 2019 (which stands for Worldwide Developers Conference) will start next week. At this annual event, Apple makes new software updates for many of its products, especially the iOS software on its flagship product, iPhone.

Think of this kind of Google I / O, but for Apple.

Below you'll find all the information you need at WWDC, including when it's happening, how to watch the most important event during the conference, and what you can expect to launch.

When is Apple WWDC 2019?

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 will take place at the McEnery Conference Center in San Jose, California from Monday 3 June to Friday 7 June. Seminars, lectures and announcements will be held every day.

The Apple WWDC 2019 keynote takes place on Monday, June 3 at 10:00 am.

The most important aspect of WWDC, however, is the lead role it all starts. This Tim Cook-led event lasts about two hours and starts on Monday, June 7 at 10:00 am at 10:00 AM. Cook and other Apple leaders are likely to reveal new software updates and possibly even new hardware. Browse a bit to read more about what we expect to see!

How can I look at Apple WWDC 2019 at home?

The easiest, most platform agnostic way to watch Apple WWDC 2019 is up Youtube. Over the past few years, Apple has been alive with all its important events on its official YouTube channel, and it will most likely be the same for this one. If that happens, you'll be able to see the keyboard on any device with YouTube access.

However, if you own Apple products, you can use special, Apple-only services to look at the main view.

If you & # 39; iOS 12 device like a recent iPhone or iPad, you can download Apple's official WWDC app. There you will find links to see the main view, as well as links to see other events over the rest of the week.

Apple will probably live WWDC on YouTube, but if you own an Apple device, there are special ways you can see it.

If you own a MacOS powered device, such as an iMac or a MacBook, you can look at the main view Apple's events website by Safari. As long as you use the latest version of Apple's own browser, you should be able to see the event without problems.

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If you are on a Windows or Linux computer, the live stream will be added Apple's event page should also work in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. Safari is the only browser that can be guaranteed.

Finally, if you own an Apple TV, you can look at the live stream Apples events app. You need to use TVOS 10.2 or later, which means you need a second generation or later Apple TV.

If in doubt, just go Youtube!

What should I expect to be announced at Apple WWDC 2019?

Unlike Apple's September event where it launches the latest crop of iPhones or the October event where it launches iPads and MacOS products, Apple WWDC 2019 will mostly be about software. However, there may be some hardware surprises in the store!

Here's what we expect:

  • iOS 13: This is essentially a sure bet. The latest version of Apple's mobile operating system must come with a whole system of the entire system, and may possibly get a refurbishment on the home screen (the first major overhaul in ten years). There will also almost certainly be updates for Apple apps, including Mail, Messages, Health, etc.
  • MacOS 10.15: There are rumors that Apple's new update to its computer-based operating system has some iOS applications on MacBooks, iMacs, and so on. Will bring. At first, it will probably only be apps designed for iPads with iPhone apps coming later. If true, it would be fairly revolutionary. There are also rumors that Apple will break down the iTunes brand and the app into smaller pieces, with a Music app, a Podcasts app, a TV show, etc., instead of keeping everything in one program, breaking up.
  • watchOS and tvOS: Apple's operating systems include the Apple Watch and the Apple TV set top box should also see some tweaks. However, the Apple Watch usually gets time to shine alongside the iPhones in September Apple TV Plus Service was launched recently in March, so these two operating systems will probably only get a little love during Apple's WWDC 2019.
  • & Nbsp; New Mac Pro: Apple has not recovered its infamous "trash can" computer since 2013. Rumors strongly suggest that we'll see a new Mac Pro debut at WWDC 2019. The question is, of course, that it will still be a cylindrical unit or will it be a more conventional design – or something else entirely?
  • & # 39; N 6K screen: It's a bit of a long shot, but Apple can launch its own super high end computer monitor. With a reassured 6K resolution and a vast 32-inch size, the device will definitely be incredibly expensive if it's not announced at all.

Will you vote at Apple WWDC 2019? What are you excited to be announced? Let us know in the comments!

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