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Asus might have to change ZenFone branding in India due to lawsuit (Latest version)

The Zenfone name, used by Asus for its range of smartphones, is in danger of going away in India due to a lawsuit by Telecare Network India.

According to the lawsuit (via Bar & Bank), Telecare owns the brands for Zen and Zen Mobiles and sells devices under the two brands. Telecare has also been acquainted with the sale of devices under the Zen name since 2008, while Asus first started selling smartphones under the Zenfone name in 2014.

Asus argued that the word Zen is a generic Buddhist term and that there is no confusion due to the Asus name linked to the Zenfone brand. The Delhi High Court agreed that Zen is a general term, but opposed to Zen not being directly associated with smartphones tablets.

It also said Asus applied for the Zenfone brand, which means the company can't argue that Zen is a general term.

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The court closed with Telecare and ruled that Asus's use of similar brands is harmful. This has advised Asus to stop selling any smartphone, tablet or accessories with Zenfone branding In the from 23 July.

The verdict can also be Asus's ZenBook line laptopsas it also includes the Zen name. Asus can turn to different product brand in India, but Zenfone is an established name that has existed for half a year.

Android Authority Outreach to Asus for a response to the verdict, but did not receive a press release. Asus has scheduled a hearing on July 10, when the company has to convince the Delhi High Court that it has decided to use the Zenfone name, not a trademark infringement.

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