BBC runs out of mobile data shortly before 5G broadcast (Latest version)


5G has become a reality in several countries, resulting in faster speed and lower latency for subscribers. But it also requires much bigger data caps than the ones BBC found out when a broadcast over 5G (h / t: Gizmodo).

BBC host Rory Cellan-Jones told viewers that the broadcast was over EE's 5G network was delayed by 15 minutes because "the whole system went down" before going to live.

"Turned out, we will no longer touch the SIM card in the tricks box [the cellular equipment box – ed]. And it's going to show how much data you might be able to visit with one of these new 5G phones when and when they come to you, "the host said.

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It's definitely another reminder that carriers need to adapt their data plans to ensure faster speeds for all 5G benefits. After all, what's the point of buying a sports car when it gets out of the way after 10 minutes?

For what it's worth is the BBC broadcast looks pretty sharp anyway, with no obvious glitches or quality issues. Cellan-Jones also noted that a speed test at a 5G capability smartphone delivers 260 Mbps speed. Meanwhile, our own Eric Zeman has average speeds of about 190 Mbps Sprint 5G network. Anyway, we hope this speed does not fall too much when more subscribers join 5G networks.

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