Best comedians on Netflix (Latest version)

In the last few years, NetflixThe & # 39; s offer went from a handful of decent stand-up options to becoming a full-on-comedy hub. If you were looking for a decent stand-up specialist, you were limited to older special offers, most of which were already well-thought out for youtube clips. Now there are so many new and great original options, it's hard to choose.

Don't worry, we're here to cut off the paralysis. Here are some of the best comedians on Netflix.

Bo Burnham

Above Burnham in what. Image via Netflix.

Before that, Bo Burnham aimed Degree Eight, he was best known as a teen-youtube comedian, and an exciting oddball. His mix of musical comedy with satire and often relentless introspection is original and straightforward hilarious.

Burnham has two special offers on Netflix, that. and Happy. They were scary, scary and went with Burnham's particular string observation style. Check them out if you're in the market for musical comedy and don't mind laughing at yourself.

Eighth Grade is also on Netflix, if you're in the mood for something, a little more story-driven.

John Mulaney

John Mulaney comedian on netflix

John Mulaney in Kid Gorgeous. Image via Netflix.

John Mulaney has been a real tear for the past few years, feeling new hilarity every year. He is without a doubt one of the best comedians on Netflix, let alone work. If you are looking for conventional uprising comedy, watch out Kid Gorgeous, The Comeback Kid, or New in town. They are all hilarious, with Mulaney's mix of anecdotal stories, social discomfort and clever observations.

If you want something more involved, watch out Oh hello, A recording of the unambiguous Broadway show Mulaney playing with comedian Nick Kroll (The League). The two play some old New Yorkers who share strange stories about their past and interact with several guests. It is weird like hell in the best way.

In addition, Mulaney also plays Andy Glouberman in Netflix's animated comedy comedy, Big mouth.

Patton Oswalt

Patton is about comedians on netflix

Patton Oswalt in Annihilation. Image via Netflix.

Patton Oswalt is not just one of the best comedians on Netflix, he is also one of the busiest. This man appears in a wide variety of content on the service. He has good stand-up specials like Talk for slap and obliterationas well as a lot of other shows.

Oswalt is currently co-hosted by the Netflix manufacturer Secret Science Theater 3000, A comedy commentary series that shows old (and bad) science fiction movies. He also plays happy In the dark comedy of the same name, about an imaginary horse associated with an unpaved ex-cop spinner played by Christopher Meloni (Law and Order). In addition, he is in more serious rates such as The Confirmation, and kids show like Minecraft story off.

He is extremely productive, and it is not difficult to see why. Patton Oswalt is tolerant, adorably dorky, and very, very funny.

Ali Wong

Ali Wong comedian on netflix

Ali Wong in Hard Knock Wife. Image via Netflix.

How many comedians can say they have a special pregnancy? Not only did Ali Wong do it – and indeed – she did it twice. In her two fantastic offers Baby Cobra and Hard Knock womanAli Wong tackles marriage and maternity, race and feminism in America and is pregnant while doing comedy.

If you wrote in something, Wong's new romantic comedy is Always be me maybe Just released on Netflix. In it she plays a celebrity chef looking for love, alongside Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) and Randall Park (Fresh Off the Boat).

Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby comedian on netflix

Hannah Gadsby in Nanette. Image via Netflix.

Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby has just one special on Netflix. She has only one special period. but Nanette is needed to watch if you are an exciting comedy business. It's horrifying, funny and sometimes hilaries. Gadsby gets into her experiences with sexism and homophobia, in life and in the comedy, and why she was planning to leave the scene completely after the show.

Fortunately, she thought better of the last bit, yet it is a powerful and honest show that everyone should watch.

Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes comedians on netflix

Wanda Sykes is not normal. Image via Netflix.

Wanda Sykes is a comedy veteran who has been in comedies and warm-up sessions for decades. The choice of her job is fairly limited, but she is still one of the best comedians on Netflix. At the moment, the only movies she's employed are Sample in law and Evan Almighty, which are not exactly classics, but definitely have their moments.

In addition, Sykes called a new special Netflix call Not normal, where she becomes politics, tackles racism in America, Donald Trump, and more.

It's just a handful of the comedians you can get on Netflix, with even more available to stream. If you're in the mood for something else, there is new content on the service basically every week.

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