Bethesda’s new streaming tech lowers bar for requirements, works with Stadia, xCloud (Latest version)

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  • Game publisher Bethesda has unveiled a series of streaming technology known as Orion.
  • Orion allows up to 20 percent less latency per frame and uses up to 40 percent less bandwidth.
  • The publisher says it will work with Google Stages, Project xCloud and other streaming services.

The E3 festivals eventually started, like that of Microsoft and Bethesda held their press conferences on Sunday. We already have & # 39; few more details in terms of Microsoft's gaming stream efforts, but the latter has also revealed interesting technology.

Bethesda used his press conference to announce Orion, a series of technologies, to make game engines work better in a flow situation. The publisher says Orion is game and platform agnostic, with drivers at E3 adding that it will play well with Google Stages, Microsoft says xCloud, and other streaming platforms.

"Integrated within the game engine itself, Orion can achieve dramatic delay reductions of up to 20 percent per frame and require up to 40 percent less bandwidth. Orion technology is complementary to the hardware technology in data centers built by other power providers. results when merged, "the publisher has in & nbsp; statement.

A great plus for more gamers

Bethesda adds that it should bring game flow to players who live far away from data centers. This is quite remarkable, as virtually all game streaming services require players to stay close to the host data center for an optimal experience.

"With Orion, players can live far from data centers and can stream Doom at 60 FPS, with 4K resolution and without observable latency," Bethesda director of James Altman said. It is not clear how far away you can be before Orion's benefits are not felt.

Editor's choice

The move should also be for mobile gamers, as cellular networks are not the first choice for streaming. Whether it's the erratic latency or limited data loss in some parts of the world, which mobile gamers want to stream, can enjoy most of this type of technology.

The publisher demonstrated Orion technology by playing Doom 2016 at 60fps and with a "high" visual quality on a smart phone. Wake up to see what all the fuss is about? Well, you can sign up for a preview via the button below. Unfortunately, the first preview is currently limited to iOS11 + devices, but you can also sign in to be notified if you're on computer or Android. See below.

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