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Huawei pushed out of Wi-Fi Alliance: What does that mean? (Latest version)

The dominoes continue to tumble Huawei since the Trump administration added the company its so-called Entity List, effectively preventing Chinese telecommunications traffic from doing business with United States organizations. So far, Huawei has access to Google, Android, Qualcomm, Intel, Microsoft, and – perhaps most devastating – arm. Now it also temporarily loses its membership in […]

The Huawei ban isn’t just bad for the company, it’s bad for Android in general (Latest version)

Opinion by C. Scott Brown Over the weekend, Google announced That would stop all business with Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei. Following Google's announcement of this Huawei ban, other companies somehow followed, including Qualcomm, Intel, Microsoft, and even arm. The Huawei ban is the result of several factors that all face when US President Donald Trump […]

US apparently optimistic EU nations will block Huawei 5G rollout (Latest version)

The foldable Huawei Mate X will support 5G networks. The US government believes E.U. countries are awakening to the threat HuaweiS 5G infrastructure suggests Bloomberg. In an article published yesterday, Bloomberg An anonymous official said, "The US expects many nations to carry the equipment of their next generation's telecommunications networks effectively." The official said a […]