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Chrome 76 beta: Dark mode, Incognito mode, and Flash get updates (Latest version)

Google announced its Chrome 76 beta Chromium blog (via reddit) along with the new changes it makes. The new beta includes some key changes in dark mode, Flash, Incognito mode, progressive web applications and more.

Automatic dark mode for websites

Chrome's dark Rolled out for Windows 10 back in April with Chrome 74; However, it receives an important update in Chrome Beta 76.

Websites can now automatically display a dark theme version of their pages to reflect the user's preference; as long as the site has enabled the setting, if you visit it in dark mode, it will also display a dark theme.

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Progressive Web Apps get easier desktop installation

Chrome 76 also makes it easier to install Progressive Web Apps (PWA) on the desktop thanks to a new install button. You will find it in the omnibox (the address bar) rather than within the three-point menu where it was previously. It looks like a small plus icon with & # 39; installation & # 39; next. PWAs will also regularly look for updates than before – now every day rather than every three days.

Incognito now more difficult to track

This change was not mentioned in the blog post, but Google's Paul Irish pointed it out on Twitter.

Incognito mode can sometimes be used to bypass certain site restrictions, such as paychecks, so some sites use a script to determine if the user is in that mode.

In the Chrome 76 beta, the API implementation of these scripts has now been fixed so that sites can no longer rely on this method to determine if you are viewing the page in incognito.

Default by default

The Flash changes have also been left out of the Chrome Beta 76 patch notes, but 9to5google says all the Flash content is now blocked by default in the browser.

Flash is set to be completely removed from Chrome by 2020, but for the moment Chrome 76 beta users still have the option to set Flash to "ask first" [in chrome://settings/content/flash], which means you can still activate it on a site-by-site basis.

There are a lot more developer-focused tweaks in the blog than you want to dig here all.

The Chrome 76 beta is now available for Android, Chrome OS, Linux, MacOS and Windows. Join the Chrome track on Android via the button below.

Download Chrome Beta at Google Play