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Creative Outlier Air review: Affordable functionality (Latest version)

Although more phones are the headphone jack back, many continued to abandon it. This absence has made true wireless ear plugs ever more attractive. Give the Creative Outlier Air an affordable option for those who aren't interested in dongles.

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What is the Creative Outlier Air like?

Each earphone has a LED ring to indicate the connection status.

Everything about the Creative Outlier Air, from the USB-C to the earbuds, is lightweight. Initially, I was worried about the size of the earbuds too large. However, they proved safe due to the angular nozzles and array of silicone sleeves. Granted, the oblique shape of the earplugs makes it difficult to grasp it safely. There were a handful of times, one or both earplugs slipped off my fingers after the removal.

One thing about the Outlier Air is how much effort it takes to push the button on the housing for volume, playback and call control. Access to Siri or Google Assistant requires a double tap from the right earplug, which places repeated pressure on the ear canal. On the other hand, changing the volume requires that you hold the button on each earplug. This puts long-term pressure on the ear. Aside from criticism, it's a tolerable nuisance. After all, it costs a reasonable $ 80 and earns IPX5 rating that certifies water resistance.

Listeners with hearing impairments and those who need to be aware of their environment will benefit from mono mode.

Another useful feature is listening. It is automatically engaged when one earplug is replaced. It's great for those who earless or what should be aware of their environment, such as during & # 39; n outdoor running.

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Battery storage and connection quality

The Outlier Air loading case is placed in a pocket.

The case costs via a included USB-C cable and requires two hours to complete a load cycle.

The Outlier Air's self-contained battery life makes it the best true wireless earbuds available. You get 7.78 hours of playback on a single charge. It takes two hours to fully charge the case, which offers an additional two charge cycles. If you need something better, get it Beats Powerbeats Pro. However, it costs three times as much as the Creative Earplugs.

Some listeners reported connection strength issues, SoundGuys& # 39; Loan unit showed excellent connection quality. Bluetooth 5.0 firmware allows for a 10-meter wireless range. In addition, APTX and AAC High quality codex is supported to reduce latency on iOS and Android devices.

How do they sound?

Creative Outlier Air true wireless earbuds in one case and the other just outside it.

The Creative Outlier Air Earbuds have the best battery life of any true wireless earbuds, support AAC and aptX, and include USB-C charging.

These earbuds appeal to a large number of consumers due to their bass-heavy audio signature. Bass notes sound about twice as loud as midrange frequencies (chorus and string instruments). This is often preferred by athletes and commuters drown equally ambient noise where seclusion falls short. Although the earplugs are in the ear (other than AirPods) A significant amount of environmental noise can be heard. Eventually it can lowers sound quality and may force some users to invest Meet memory foam about tips.

Fortunately, the reproduction of the three-dimensional space is impressive for some inexpensive true wireless earbuds. In all fairness, it is the company we have SuperX-Fi amplifier and SXFI Air, two products have noted their ability to recreate a realistic sense of auditory space.

Creative Outlier Air Microphone Demo:

Furthermore, there's a pleasure calling with the Outlier Air because it's different other true wireless Products are redirected through both left and right channels. The integrated microphone in each earphone relay the human voice well enough while the background noise is heard as in the example above.

Do you have to buy it?

Yes, that one Creative Outlier Air is an excellent value. Sound quality, though not neutral, should be pleasing to most consumers. The substantial battery life is appreciated as well as the high quality Bluetooth codec support. If you want a solid pair of daily earplugs, the Creative Outlier Air is a good choice with ineffective disadvantages.