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Deal: Samsung Galaxy S9 for the price of a Pixel 3a at Best Buy (Latest version)

Best buy

Best Buy has some offers on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus for a limited time – and if you're looking for a new phone, it's definitely worth checking out.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus at Best Buy

There are three deals that you can benefit from. One offers you $ 100 of the phones if you unlock them at the full retail price, the Galaxy S9 at $ 499 and the Galaxy S9 Plus at $ 599. However, the second option is to save $ 200 on the phones if you turn it on Verizon, AT&T or sprint. This saving brings the Galaxy S9 to $ 399 and the Galaxy S9 Plus to $ 499.

The third option is where you will find the greatest savings. Buy a Galaxy S9 with a new line or account on Sprint and you can add it from $ 10 a month over 24 months to $ 240 total – a reasonably ridiculous price for one of last year's best phones. AT&T also offers the phone with AT&T Next at $ 10 per month, but this contract will last for 30 months for a $ 300 total. There are also comparable S9 Plus offers this year.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

It's one of the best savings on the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus we've ever seen, even at $ 399 and $ 499 with carrier activation. This places the S9 at the same price as a Google Pixel 3a – Google's new mid-range pixel. We love the phone, but the Galaxy S9 offers a few extra premium decorations such as IP68 dust and water resistance, wireless charging, microSD card support, as well as a higher resolution screen with much smaller tires.

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This is where there are many good phones under $ 400 nowbut little offers the kind of hardware as a Samsung Galaxy S flagship. The only catch with these offers is that you need to be a new client or activate a new line to get the biggest savings.

Most of the Best Buy offers are valid until June 15 and you can see the full terms and conditions left on the site. Note that the email from the fastest smartphone ever came to the store from a Ookla data speed test last year; It is not representative of the current smartphone landscape, so you are best to ignore it.

Let me know in the comments you are thinking about the offers and the Pixel 3a comparison – I would be interested to know which phone you would prefer. Look at us Galaxy S9 review and Pixel 3a review for an in-depth look at them, and see the offers at Best Buy via the big button below.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus at Best Buy