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Deal: The half-price 360 Earphones offer a surround sound experience (Latest version)

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The 360 headphones is something of a revolution in portable sound. These earbuds are designed to play sound as it was created – multi-directionally.

The 360 headphones incorporate innovative new mechanical approach to overpower technology, as the video demonstrates above. You can now listen 5.1 virtual surround sound and some of them real bass realization on a plug-in platform.

Enjoy the sound as it was supposed to be heard.

1 year of R&D, patented technology, and a combination of electro-acoustic theory with electro-acoustic materials peaked in these bumps. Sound experts in the industry was commendable praise on the 360 headphones, including Chris Julian, Emmy Movie Sound Editing Award winner.

The technology world is also excited. When awarding the earplugs 9.8 out of 10, TechAeris said: "The only problem these earplugs are present is what do we do with all the other earplugs we have?"

The 360 ​​Earphones at a glance:

  • Immerse yourself in true replicated sound and enjoy fantastic sound quality.
  • Frequencies are clearly separated to give clarity and 3D 5.1 virtual surround sound.
  • Enjoy a bass response comparable to that of a subwoofer.
  • Intrasonic frequencies develop in the back cavity so that you can hear crystal clear bass.
  • Viscoelastic material refines frequencies to produce clear outputs and absorbs unwanted feedback.
  • The in-line microphone and control button allows you to make calls and control tracks and volume.

this Kickstarter success has its purpose 10 times over and over hit the market for $ 150. They are now on the promotion, so you can buy some of the Tech Deals not $ 72.

this price loss is only temporarySo it's time to hear you tunes on the next level. Tap the button below to find the transaction.

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