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Evidence suggests new Nvidia Shield TV remote and controller on the way (Latest version)

  • Code name references in the latest Nvidia Shield TV public release suggest that there will be a new remote control and controller.
  • If Nvidia is working on a new remote control and controller, it is justified that it also works on a new Nvidia Shield TV.
  • In a statement, Nvidia did not confirm or deny that it was operating on a new Shield TV.

A custom ROM developer XDA Developers discover some new code name references in the latest public source for the Nvidia Shield TV media streamer. The code suggests that Nvidia works on a new Nvidia Shield TV remote as well as a new controller.

This is why if Nvidia is working on a new controller and remote control, it will also work on a new Nvidia Shield TV unit.

The Nvidia Shield TV – what is going on Android TV – Launched the first time in 2015. The shield itself had the codename "foster power" while the remote control and controller were & # 39; jarvis & # 39; respectively. and & # 39; look & # 39; was. Nvidia released an updated version of the Shield TV in 2017, with the code name "darcy." The remote control and controller for the updated model was code "pepper" and "thunderstrike."

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Now, in the latest public code for the Shield TV, the anonymous ROM developer has found explicit references to a remote code name "Friday" and a control code called "storm caster". There were no references to a new code name for the Shield TV itself.

These new code names are pretty good evidence that Nvidia is busy with a new Shield TV. The timelines are definitely at stake, as Nvidia printed two years after the original release of a Shield TV update. It's been about two years since the update.

XDA came out to Nvidia about the code name and received it as answer:

It is fairly standard practice for multiple draft code names to appear in code bases. Those references remain even when the concept is unlikely to ever go into production. We cannot comment on which code names refer to product concepts that are active, against which one is inactive, as it can be fluid. However, I can confirm that none of the code names below refer to products that were publicly disclosed.

In other words, Nvidia will not deny that it is working on a new controller and remote control, but will not confirm that Friday and Stormers will ever see release, or they are on a new Shield TV will be attached.

The Nvidia Shield TV is our favorite media streamer and one of the best ways to experience Android TV. It also receives consistent updates, with the original Nvidia Shield TV its twentieth update in September.

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