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F1 Manager tips for beginners: Follow these steps to victory (Latest version)

Hutch Games

F1 Manager follows in the ties of prominent motor sports manager games such as … Motorsport Manager. In any case, the title is a more streamlined, generous focus on the motorsport management formula.

It doesn't necessarily mean you have to spray on items with cash in the world to get ahead. We have some F1 Manager tips for beginners who hope to take pole position.

Do you really need hard tires?

Unlike its peer peer, F1 Manager does not require you to use two different tire connections in a race. In other words, if you want to start the race with hard tires and switch to harsh tires at your pit, you can do it.

Better still, some people suggest that you can only use soft tires for most races and still get good results (although you probably have to do twice). I've had quite a few good results with this method. It is therefore worth considering if your current strategies do not work out.

Don't be afraid to fall back

F1 Driver.

F1 Manager requires you to pay virtual cash to enter a race series, with the price going on when you go to the next series. Before you know it, you'll splash a lot of cash just to enter without any guarantee of winning.

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One of the more underrated F1 Manager tips (h / t: AllWinner) If you last run on cash, simply download to & # 39; a previously completed series. There is also no guarantee of winning here, but you need to have an easier time in theory. It also goes without saying that the price scales and video ads often also award cash, so these options are also worth trying out.

New drivers are no better in everything

The game regularly provides new drivers during your playthrough, but you'll need to carefully analyze their stats before upgrading. For example, Robert Kubica is much better than your two initial drivers when it comes to victory and defense, but is actually worse at tire and fuel management. You can also relieve the gap with your initial managers by upgrading their metrics.

Take your drivers off before the pit stops

A snapshot of F1 Manager. Hutch Games

Stop-gates can be fast-fire business as your virtual well team quickly changes tires and sends your driver on the go. Like motor sports in the real world, you can stack your cars in the box, but the second car will lose four to six seconds more than the previous car. So it can be a good idea to make a gap for the first car and / or to drop the second one a bit before stopping on the same shot.

Don't forget to upgrade your parts

Another aspect of F1 Manager is to exchange and upgrade your parts. Visit the "team" tab then "cars" to find your equipped parts. You can upgrade qualifying parts (usually seen with two black arrows pointing upwards at a green background) with virtual currency by tapping it and selecting the "upgrade" option.

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However, some upgrades only have a negligible impact on your car. So think of any problems you have (fuel consumption, tires) and whether the upgrade is first and foremost money.

Look out for safety cars

F1 Driver Hutch Games

Like motor sports in the real world, security cars are sometimes also here. Once the safety car comes out, you will not be able to drive at maximum speed. It's also an ideal time to buckle, as everyone will be on the right track at a much faster speed, so your driver will lose fewer positions.

I also managed to win a duel by hitting the maximum speed button immediately after the security permit ended, my opponent became unaware at one of the last corners of the last lap. However, it was a late-life safety car, and it only ended in the last lap, but it is still worth considering when you find yourself in the same situation.

You don't always have to listen to drivers

Your drivers can warn you when to stop for tires or when they deliver fuel. But their word is not necessarily gospel, as they do not always issue these warnings in the best possible time. For example, they occasionally give fuel warnings when you just have to finish the race. Do you really have to slow down when you stay at the last corner with 0.5 l of fuel left?

Do you have any F1 Manager tips that work well for you? Then let us know in the comment section! Otherwise you can download the title via the button below.