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Facebook Dating coming to US this year with new ‘Secret Crush’ feature (Latest version)

In September last year, Facebook rolled Facebook Dating features in Colombia as a test run. Now the service in five countries with 14 more on the move.

Today, Facebook is committed to bringing Facebook Dating to the United States by the end of 2019 (via TechCrunch).

We covered the initial test run of Facebook's first dating features here, and not too much has changed since then (it is basic A dating app but within Facebook). You still need to sign up to use Facebook Dating and there is still no plan to monetize the service.

Facebook launched a new feature today called secret loved ones. The purpose of Secret Crush is to help you connect with people with whom you are already friends.

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The way Secret Crush works is that you pick up to nine people on your buddy list. If they subscribed to Facebook Dating, they will receive a notification that a friend of theirs has a loved one on them. If they go through their own buddy list and choose you as one of their nine fractions, you will both get together and a chat with Facebook Messenger will start automatically.

In essence, Secret Crush is an ice breaker: it warns two people who keep them apart and then facilitate a conversation.

If the first thing you think is that people will only stay in new friends until they get a game to play the system, Facebook has covered it: once you've selected your nine breaks, you can only get one of exchange those breakpoints. day. If you have hundreds of friends, it can take you years to get through. So choose your delights wisely.

Facebook Dating has no specific release date for the US from now on, but will be here by the end of the year.

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