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Facebook wants to give you money for your data (Latest version)

  • Facebook launched and launched the study of Facebook's research program today.
  • The program collects data on one's application usage, application usage, device and more.
  • Participants will be recruited by advertisements and do not need to be Facebook users.

Earlier today, Facebook launched Study from Facebook app. Only available on Android and reported by TechCrunch Today, the app is Facebook's attempt to be less creepy about collecting data frzom research participants.

The Study Program will warn you that Facebook will learn what apps are installed on your phone, how long you use those apps and the names of features you use in other apps. Facebook will also learn the country in which you live, which device you use the Study program, and the network type.

Facebook plans to recruit adults aged 18 and over in the US and In the by advertising. The social network will display the ads on its own app and others to those who do not use Facebook. Participants from other countries will eventually be recruited, but not at the moment.

Editor's choice

Clicking on the ad will take you to the Applause website. Applous is Facebook's research activity partner for the Facebook Program Study. From there, the site will inform you about the Facebook partnership, the study program that will sign you in, what data you will switch to Facebook, what remuneration you will receive and how to opt out of the program.

You need a PayPal account, with Facebook cross-checking the age on your Facebook profile to see if it matches the age you're typing. There is no agreement not to disclose (NDA) to sign, so you can talk publicly or as little of the study program as you want.

Facebook will not collect user IDs or passwords by the program.

Anyone can download the Study program from the Google Play store, but only those approved by Applous will use and use it. You will be notified from time to time of your sale of your data to Facebook and your ability to cancel at any time.

Money and privacy

If you choose to stay, Facebook will compensate you for the data you provide. Facebook did not say how much it would compensate the participants, although it is now apostate Project Atlas initiative reportedly thrown up to $ 20 a month.

Facebook points out that it will not collect user IDs, passwords, or content that you share with others. Also, Facebook will not sell study program data to third-party entities or use the data to deliver targeted ads.

On the one hand, the Study Program can lead to Facebook that includes new features in its applications, such as screen sharing or an extensive video chat group. On the other hand, the Study Program adds fuel to the fire especially to the politicians who are concerned about privacy and Facebook's data collection.

Overall, the Study Program comes at a strange time for Facebook. The social network exists pressure from antitrust regulators and still feel the consequences of the Cambridge Analytics scandal. Whether people will take Facebook seriously and hand over data for a price is something that will only tell time.

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