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Get 10 best cool math games for Android!

Mental Math Master best cool math games for Android

Video game name: Psychological Mathematics Master

Mathematics is a complex topic. Some individuals are efficient it and also others are refraining from doing so well. Nonetheless, there are a great deal of mobile mathematics ready the requiring mathematician or perhaps if you wish to boost on your own. The majority of the video games we ran into were for kids. Nevertheless, academic video games are currently incredibly popular. Nonetheless, we likewise discovered an excellent variety of mathematics ready grownups, so we have a little mathematics ready children and also grownups.


Price: Free / $ 0.99

2048 is an entertaining math puzzle game and one of the most popular math games on mobile. You move tiles around and combine them with the same numbers. The combined tiles double the number. This is how you combine two four to make an eight. The game continues until you can no longer move tiles or hit the number 2048. The game has multiple board sizes, simple mechanics and is family friendly. The full version of the game is $ 0.99.

Khan Academy Kids

Price: Free

Khan Academy Kids is an educational app for children with a lot of fun mini-games. It has games for a lot of different topics and that includes math games. Some of the other topics include writing, language, reading, and problem-solving skills. It is not necessarily a game. It is definitely an educational app. However, it has a lot of games, it's good for younger kids, and the math games are reasonable for that age category. Moreover, it is completely free.

Math games

Price: Free

Math games is a lame name for a game, but it is a decent and very simple math game. You easily solve simple calculation questions with a timer. The more you get, the higher your score. It is primarily intended for people who want to strengthen their simple mathematical skills for whatever reason. It also supports eight languages ​​and there is also a two-player mode.

Math Land

Price: Free / $ 1.99

Math Land is a math game for children. It features simple games with simple math and a pirate theme. You play as Ray and you try to recover the lost gems from the evil pirate Max. The game has 25 levels and is for children around the kindergarten age. There are more difficult game modes for older children and even adults if you want to use this to enhance your addition and subtraction skills. It is not a free game and the $ 1.99 price tag is reasonable.

Math master

Price: Free / $ 3.99

Math Master is one of those math games in brain training style. The goal is to answer arithmetic problems as quickly as possible. You can concentrate specifically on one type, such as subtraction, or mix it up at your own discretion. It has a simple, somewhat boring user interface, but the math is solid and the game is pretty good for killing a few minutes. It also works in around a dozen languages. It is completely free to play or there is an optional pro version for $ 3.99.

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Math riddles

Price: Free

Math Riddles is, well, a riddle app with math. It features a sleek, clean, minimal user interface and a number of puzzles. Some of them are fairly simple, but there are some good brain teasers in it. You can play a lot of games and solve a lot of puzzles. The game labels some of them as IQ tests, but it is a decent little app once you get past the silly category titles. It's a nice way to spend a few hours and it's completely free.

Mental Mathematics Master

Price: Free / up to $ 7.99

Mental Math Master is another brain training math game and this one is pretty fun. It features a minimal user interface, a number of random questions and simple controls. However, this one has slightly more hardcore maths than most of its competitors. It has things like square roots, logarithms, faculties and some more difficult things. If you want to improve your math skills and don't have one yet, you can try one of the easier games and eventually switch to this one.

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Price: Free

Sudoku is one of the oldest and most popular math games and there are a lot of mobile versions. is the most popular, but there are other options. Most of you know what Sudoku is. You enter a grid with numbers, so that each column, row and subgrid have the numbers one through nine. There are also some variations on the game, but that is the starting point. has many puzzles. Sudoku from Brainium Studios is likewise respectable in this room.


Cost: $ 5.99

Threes! looks a great deal like 2048 particularly considering that 2048 is a duplicate of this. It normally functions the very same. You relocate floor tiles around and also integrate them with the very same phoned number floor tiles. The mixed floor tiles double in worth. So you placed 2 3 with each other to make a 6, after that 2 6 to make a 12, and more. You can utilize this or2048 They both play approximately similarly, yet 2048 is a little bit extra full of a mathematics video game.

Toon Mathematics

Cost: Free/ approximately $ 13.99

Toon Mathematics is a crossbreed in between a mathematics video game and also a limitless biker video game. The video game devices are a strong limitless jogger. You prevent barriers and also leave a three-lane course. You ultimately grab a number and also the video game provides you a basic estimation issue. You resolve it by leaping over barriers with the proper response. It is an excellent beginning factor and also it is both youngster and also grown-up pleasant.

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