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Google Cloud outage affects YouTube, Gmail, Snapchat and more [Update: Resolved] (Latest version)

Down Detector

Update: June 2 21:43 ET – A new update to the Google Cloud Status site says the problem that affected its services was "solved". The update also says the company will investigate this lost outage and it will provide a detailed report once it is completed.

Original story: June 2, 18:25 ET – A failure that is part of the Google Cloud service is currently in progress as of this writing. The failure has access to a number of first-party services, including Youtube, Gmail, and more. It also affected third-party services, including access to Google Cloud Snapchat, Discord, and more.

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The outbreak was first announced by users at about 2:40 ET. The Down Detector website suggests that most of the failure reports come from the northeastern United States. & Nbsp; Post on the Google Cloud Status Web Page show that the company has found what it believes is the cause of the failure, but details have not been revealed. The message added that it expects Google Cloud services to return "soon".

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We will update this post when we find out more about the dropout and when Google reveals when full service has been restored to its cloud services.