Google Fi outage: Having trouble placing phone calls? You’re not alone. (Latest version)

A widespread failure seems like the Google Fi waves. According to a 86 comment thread on the Google Fi forums (via Android Police), many Google Fi users cannot make or receive phone calls over Google Fi. Wi-Fi calls and text messages do not appear to be affected.

Along with the many users on the forums, Android Authority could confirm the Google Fi outage with three different phones. Interestingly, while many of the forum users can't post Wi-Fi calls through Google Fi, all three of the phones we've tested experience Google Fi outages on both Wi-Fi and cell phone calls.

Google is aware from the Google Fi outage and is actively working on a solution. Meanwhile, Google suggests:

  1. Download the Hangouts Dialer app from the Google Play Store.
  2. In Hangouts incoming calls to "On ": Settings > Your Fi account > Google Fi calls and SMS> Incoming calls (on).

We'll update this article if we find out more about the Google Fi outage.

Have you experienced any problems? Sounds in the comments.

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