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Google Maps now shows a speedometer alongside speed limit warnings (Latest version)

Google Maps was updated late last month to display speed limits and speed drops in over 40 markets. Now it appears that the Silicon Valley company is rolling out a live speedometer (via Android Police).

The attribute is not standard. As soon as the update hits your phone, the speedometer can be activated in the Navigation settings menu.

Google Maps Speedometer Screenshot
Google Maps Speedometer Settings

Unfortunately, the speedometer doesn't just look on Android Auto. We'll probably have to wait a little longer to make his way to the platform.

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The speedometer feature slowly looks to users all over the world. Make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps installed from the Play Store.

Previous Google Maps updates

Here is a restaurant's most popular dish

May 30, 2019: Google Maps proposes a new tool to find a restaurant most popular dish. Cards will now use machine learning to determine from the photos, and reviews that are most popular in the restaurant make it easier for dinners to find the best of the best at that business.

In addition, Maps will translate translations into a foreign language, an essential tool for the travel meal. Can't read the menu? The new features are included Google Lens will help you there too.

Pixel phones now have AR navigation

May 7, 2019: Google Maps AR navigation lets you navigate on foot by holding your phone up and using the back camera, with arrows and other information left in the search. This way you don't have to worry if the blue dot (which represents you) is in the right direction when using the traditional way with Maps.

The feature currently only works for Pixel users who use navigation in San Francisco, Paris and London. It will probably come at the right time with additional large cities around the world.

Shows maps or is occupied by a nearby EV charging station

April 23, 2019: Google has announced that you can use Google Maps to check Real-time availability of charging station ports in the US and the UK. In other words, you don't have to physically go to a station to see if there are any free ports.

"Simply search for & # 39; charging stations & # 39; to stay abreast of networks like Chargemaster, EVgo, SemaConnect and soon, Chargepoint," Google said in & # 39; blog post announces the feature.

Lime scooter and bike rental info in 80 cities

March 4, 2019: Google Maps will now show Lime scooter and bicycle rental information. Notifications will conveniently tell if a Lime vehicle is available, how long it will take to get to the vehicle, an estimate of how much your ride can cost, along with your total travel time and ETA.

You can see a full list of all Lime Google Maps cities here.


October 4, 2018: Google has announced that it will bring four new features to Google Maps, all aimed at making your work more efficient, easier, and better, and more of all – more fun!

The four new features are a new commuter tab, mixed mode commuters for different transport options at a single trip, detailed public transit information, and faster access to music with Spotify and Google Play Music integration.

New "For You" tab was launched on Google Maps

June 26, 2018: Google is updating maps with a few new features that it hopes will encourage users to come home and try new things. The first is a completely new tab in the Google Maps application called "For You." Here, users will show recommendations of places and businesses in their area, especially those that are brand new or based on Google's data. While the new page itself is a nice new feature if you don't have one thing to do what you do one night, Google & # 39; has gone one step further and applied its machine learning smarts with & # 39; a complimentary feature called "Your Contest." Your Contest gives users a percentage rating against For You recommendations based on their own personal data and what Google knows about the locations in your area.

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