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Google may have just killed Windows on Chrome OS project (Latest version)

Google's Chromebooks are already capable of running Android apps and Linux applications, but the Mountain View company has also worked Project campfire. The initiative aims to bring Windows to Chromebooks, enabling users to double-boot between Microsoft's operating system and Chrome OS.

Now a new code is committed by ChromeUnboxed has shown that the so-called Alt OS functionality is probably dead. The commander reveals that several related features are obsolete, including the Alt OS voter screen (which you are supposed to choose between Windows and Chrome OS).

It's not official confirmation that Windows is being shot down on Chromebooks, but it certainly indicates that Project Campfire is no longer. It's not like Chromebooks have a shortage of apps because of Android and Linux applications.

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However, a Google backed way to have Chrome OS and Windows with dual boot would have been pretty cool. This means that Chromebook owners should not buy a second laptop purely for Windows, or use an unofficial dual-boot method. It would also open the door for Windows applications that are not available on Android and Linux.

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