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Google Photos is latest Google app to get eye-friendly dark mode (Latest version)

Google is on & # 39; a quest to add dark to his programs lately, with Google Keep, Android messages and several other programs that receive the eye-friendly option.

Now, Google quietly brought dark mode Google Photo's (spotted by XDA-Developers), reportedly landing in version However, it is unclear whether this will be a change from Google's servers or if you need to update on this particular version. For what it's worth, I updated to this version and I didn't see the dark mode.

Unfortunately, this particular dark mode is not an OLED-friendly black, but rather a dark gray. You still need to see some power savings if you use an OLED screen, as Google noticed Youtube dark. Back in November 2018, Google confirmed that you'll get power savings of up to 60 percent when using YouTube's dark mode on an OLED-equipped smartphone.

Recent Google Photo & # 39; s updates

A New Gallery View

April 23, 2019: The latest update for Google Photo & # 39; s added a new gallery view that helps users see which photos & videos are not yet supported. Users can then manually select which photo's to back up, which will be useful for those who haven't turned on automatic backups.

Unfortunately, Google & # 39; seems to have removed a useful existing feature simultaneously. The search giant has the ability to browse your entire library in annual view. Convenient and day-out is still alive, but further pinching and zooming fails to increase annual views. Android Police found that the feature actually appeared in V4.10 last, but we are now at V4.14 and it still needs to be repaired. Boo.

Automatic harvesting for documents

March 28, 2019: Google is rolling out a new roll automatic cutting function to Google Photo's on Android. The program will determine when you view & # 39; a document from a document and suggest that you use the new auto-cut tool.

The instrument will also turn the image automatically when needed and also brighten it. These adjustments happen automatically. All you have to do is & nbsp; a button for each category. This new feature is rolling out this week.

Press backup

March 19, 2019: Google offers a new backup option in Google Photos & # 39; s Express Express backup that offers faster backup at a reduced resolution. This makes it easier to ensure that your photo's are backed up even if you have poor or infrequent Wi-Fi connectivity.

The company offered this new backup option for a small percentage of people using Google Photos on Android in India last December, and last week it started to run Express backups for more users in India. By the end of the week, Android users will have to launch the latest Google Photo & # 39; s version to see it as a backup option. Google shared that the company would bring Express backups to dozens of other countries, rolling out slowly.

Live Albums

October 11, 2018: Google is calling for a new Google Photo & # 39; s feature Live Albums. With the new Live Albums feature, you can make photo collections on-the-fly using the power of Google Assistant. All you have to do is enter a new album Google Photo's and then choose the people you'd like to see in that album. Google Assistant will then create a photo collection for you.

The Live Album you create can then be displayed on you new Google Home Page, or on you Google Pixel 3 when you put it on the Pixel Stand. Conversely, you can share or edit the album just as you would any other handmade photo album.

Google Photos 4.0 redesign with Material Design

September 6, 2018: The redesign of Google Photos 4.0 with Material Design is known to all. Along with a Google Photos Material Design theme, the app also gets a new swipe gesture that makes your life a little easier if you search for photo information.

The refined Google Photos Android application works in the same way as before, but with Google Photos 4.0 everything has a slimmer, more rounded look. There is also a new whip gesture included in the app. If you look at a photo, you can swing from bottom to bottom and you'll easily see the information for the photo (device information, storage location, GPS coordinates where it was taken, etc.).

Love Story video theme

June 25, 2018: Google Photos & # 39; s now includes a new Love Story video theme. The theme automatically makes a movie with photos and videos of yourself and your important others. The inclusion of Love Story brings the total number of themes to 10.

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