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Google Pixel 4 design was just confirmed by Google (Latest version)


In a surprising move, Google just got the Google Pixel 4 design months before the expected launch.

After a leakage leakage related to the design of the Pixel 4, it seems that Google has decided to go ahead and release a photo of the device. Google paired the photo with a tongue-in-cheek statement "since there appears to be interest …"

see the tweet for yourself below:

The design confirmed earlier speculation that Google Pixel 4 would come up with a new camera setup, disrupting the single-generation system of previous generations. Instead, the Pixel 4 appears to have two camera lenses as well as a third sensor, which may be the supposed spectral sensor.

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The design also does not confirm the rear fingerprint sensor for the Pixel 4. There may be an image sensor.

Google did not show the front of the device, so we have no idea how the display may look or how many sensors are in front. However, speculation is that there will be many prone camera ears to enable it A face ID-like recognition system.

Google reveals the phone so early (we don't expect it to be launched until October, about four months) – a very interesting move. It might have made this decision due to the onslaught of leaks related to it Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL last year, which saw early prototypes of the larger device sold on the black market. Google's strategy can now be to get the leaks ahead and just get the information right.

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