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Google Play Store made it harder to 420 blaze it through delivery apps (Latest version)

Although marijuana is sold and consumed, it is legal in several states across the US Android Police reported today that Google has changed its content policy Programs that facilitate the sale of green things are prohibited.

according to Google, general violations of the above content change include the following:

  • Allows users to order cannabis through an in-app shopping mall
  • Assist users in arranging delivery or collection of marijuana
  • Facilitating the sale of products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Note that the policy change does not prohibit programs to promote the use of marijuana. That said, Google may focus on popular programs Weedmaps and Eaze with the policy change.

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Weedcards can order recreation days from recipes and deliver them in the US, Canada, Europe, and any other place where dagga is medically or recreationally regulated. You can also find a nearby doctor to get a medical recommendation on whether you can use marijuana for medical purposes.

Meanwhile, Eaze connects users with local recipes to deliver legal dagga to them. The program currently only serves cities in California and Oregon.

The change makes sense from Google's perspective, as the company is trying to make the Play Store more child-friendly. Medical or recreational day drawings are either decriminalized or legalized most US states, although consumption by minors remains illegal.

As such, there is a possibility that Google will push Google Weedmaps and Eaze from the Play Store sooner than later. Android Authority Outreach to both Weedmaps and Eaze, but did not receive a response through press time.

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