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Google Stadia will reportedly include Destiny 2 and support cross-platform saves (Latest version)

For Google's Stage Connect live stream event Thursday, a new report claims one of the games on the upcoming stadiums streaming service will be none other than Destiny 2. If the story is accurate, it will be a great game for Google to upgrade to Stadia.

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Kotaku reports Bungie's sci-fi shooter sequel will be one of the games announced yesterday at 12:00 at the ET time (9 pm PT) at Google's event. Bungie will hold his own live stream one hour later, at 1:00. ET (10 pm PT). Not only will it repeat the Stadia news, it will also confirm that Destiny 2 will soon support a cross platform between the Xbox One, PC and Stage versions. This means that you can play a Destiny 2 game on your Xbox One console, then switch to the PC version and continue where you saved, or switch to Stadia on Chrome. The article adds that cross-save support for the PlayStation 4 version of Destiny 2 has not been revealed.

What is Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Google Stages Bungie

Destiny 2 is an online-only sci-fi shooter from developer Bungie, the best known for creating the hit-Halo franchise. The first Destiny game was released in 2014. Destiny 2 was launched in 2017 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The game will take hundreds of years to come, where the Earth's civilization has collapsed. Players take on the role of Guardians who have to protect Earth's last populated city from alien attacks. The game itself combines first-person shooting game with some RPG elements in an online shared world.

While Destiny 2 was generally well received in reviews, sales of the game were reportedly not as high as expected for the game's publisher, Activision. In early 2019, Bungie announced that he had repurchased the publishing rights of Destiny's Activision games.

Tomorrow's life stream from Bungie is also expected to reveal a new Destiny 2 expansion pack.

More games for Stadia

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ubisoft

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In addition to Destiny 2, Kotaku reports a few more important games will be revealed as part of the Stadia launch during Google's live stream. Just another game is mentioned in the article: Ubisoft's upcoming military open world shooter, Ghost Recon Breakpoint. We also expect to see the upcoming Bethesda Softworks and ID Software FPS Doom Eternal as a Stage Launch game, as it was part of the initial stages announcement back in March during the 2019 Games Developer Conference.

We also expect to hear about price options, a possible launch date (or at least & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;) and availability for Google Stages as part of the Stadia Connect Conference