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Google takes another shot at the iPhone with latest Pixel 3a ad (Latest version)

yesterday, Google A new ad released that made props from the Pixel 3a and push the latest iPhone to the curb. Unlike the previous ad that talked about low-light photography, the latest ad talks about AR navigation in Google Maps.

Ad placed Apple Maps and Google Maps side by side in & # 39; a side-by-side comparison. While Apple Maps only shows a blue point that shows your location, the simulated AR view in Google Maps puts big pivots in the real world. As the camera moves away from the arrow, the AR view offers a dot that shows where to pan to see your next step.

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As we get near the end of the ad, we see the price point of $ 399 from Pixel 3a compared to the price of $ 999 from "Phone X." We accept Phone X iPhone XS, since the 64 GB unlocked model starts from $ 999.

What's strange is that AR navigation in Google Maps emerges iOS. The feature was announced during the announcement Google I / O 2019 and is only available for Pixel phones for time and money. As such, the ad is so much about getting features like AR navigation on a mobile phone that is a fraction of the price of an iPhone cost as it goes on Apple Maps versus Google Maps.

It's Google's latest shot on the iPhone, with the company criticizing the iPhone's camera in an ad released almost two weeks ago. In that ad, Google prompted Pixel 3a & # 39; s Night Vision feature and increased the phone's relatively lower starting price.

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