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Google Trips app will wave goodbye on August 5, venture into other apps (Latest version)

XDA Developers

According to research by XDA Developers, the Google Trips Android Application will travel long Google Graveyard this August. The Google Trips web portal will stay, but the standalone app will be sunrise.

The image above is the discovery that will appear in the Google Trips program this summer XDA in a recent bundle code.

In addition, it is Google Trips Support Sheet mention the date of August 5, 2019, such as when Google stops supporting the program.

Editor's choice

Google Trips offers you several tools to plan holidays, which is a one-stop shop for flights, hotels, things to do at your destination, restaurant reviews and even weather reports. The web portal has a bit of a refurbishment just a few weeks ago, but there was no update for the standalone app. Now we know why.

To make it clear, you can still download the Google Trips program and use it even after August 5th. However, Google will no longer support or update the program and will eventually be removed. If you'd like to have a trip over a few months, you can use the Trips program. If you plan a destination wedding for 2021, you may want to avoid using Trips as your main hub.

As the notification picture above suggests, it is highly likely that many of the features of the Trips program will be sent to other Google platforms, probably Google Maps.

Click the button below to install Trips if you wish, or click here To visit the web portal, which is moving around for the long term.