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Google will help you build that video game idea you have, no coding required (Latest version)


If you play a lot of video games, you probably had an idea for a game. The only thing that can prevent you from making the game a reality is the knowledge of how to make one. To solve the problem, there is a new prototype software available Google Game Builder.

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A product developed by Google's Experimental Area 120, Google Game Builder, pretty much gives anyone the tools they need to develop a video game without any required coding or design experience. Game Builder uses simple drag-and-drop methods – very similar to world-built elements of Minecraft – build a new game.

Not only is Google Game Builder simple enough, but pretty much everyone can do it, but you can also work with friends and strangers on the internet to build games together.

View this GIF as an example of how easy it is to use Game Builder:

You can even play your game – or allow others to play – as you build in real time. Check out this other GIF to see how it works:

If you're already a game developer and it seems too remedial to you, there's also a Java editor in Game Builder. This makes the platform ideal for even pro-developers, as they can use the simple tools to start and then manually adjust the code if they need it.

Google Game Builder is download free from Steam and is available for both Windows and MacOS. Click on the button below to give it a shot! You never know, you can make the next big gamble.

Install Google Game Builder on Steam