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Googler who organized 20,000-person walkout quits, claims ‘retaliation’ (Latest version)

  • One of the people responsible for last year's Google Walkout closed her work at the company after more than a decade.
  • The outcome was in protest against Google's sexual harassment policies and payouts to former executives.
  • The outreach organizer claims she has received retribution from Google.

The person who was largely responsible for the Google trip last year left the company.

Last year, Claire Stapleton helped convince 20,000 Google employees to retire from work for a day in protest over the company's handling of sexual harassment claims. Now she stops her job at Google because of what she refers to as retaliation of the company for that outing.

in A medium post published today, Stapleton reminds her great satisfaction with the work from 2007 to 2012 at Google. However, she says she noticed about 2017 that the company had changed in different ways and that she was less happy with the search giant.

In 2018, when news broke over payouts Google gave Andy Rubin – Despite several allegations against sexual harassment against him, Stapleton has had enough. This is when she and fellow Googler Meredith Whittaker organized the previously mentioned Google outing.

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After the trump balo died around the hike, Stapleton was demoted. She claims it was a thin veil of retaliation for organizing the Google walkout. Google denies that this is true.

Stapleton has now officially left Google after more than a decade with the company.

"I made the choice after the department heads branded me with a scarlet letter that made it difficult to do my job or find another one," Stapleton wrote in her post. "If I stayed, I didn't just worry that there was more publicity, avoidance and stress, I expected it."

In a statement from a Google spokesperson, the company said: "[Google doesn’t] tolerate tolerance. Our team of employees has done a thorough investigation [Stapleton’s] claims and found no evidence of retaliation. They found that Claire's management team supported her workplace work, including awarding her Culture Prize team for her role in the Walkout. "

Last month, hundreds of Googlers occurred in & # 39; a sit-in to protest the alleged retaliation against Stapleton.

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