Google’s SOS alerts now let you see hurricane paths, flood trajectories, more (Latest version)

Google has offered SOS warnings for natural disasters since 2017. It gives users quick access to emergency numbers, stories and other related information. Now the company has announced that it will add visual information to these SOS alerts Google Maps.

The visual information includes the trajectory of floods and hurricanes, as well as earthquake visualizations. Google says it will also issue warnings for crisis navigation in Google Maps if it thinks your route might be affected by a natural disaster.

"Flood prediction visualizations will soon begin in India in the Patna area, and then expand to the Ganges and Brahmaputra regions on Android, desktop and mobile web," Google noted in his blog post.

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Meanwhile, hurricane prospects will be available cones in the US, Mexico, Caribbean, Western Europe, Japan, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea. Hurricane prediction cones will be accessible via Android, desktop, iOS and mobile browsers.

Earthquake visualizations and crisis navigation alerts will be available on a global basis via Android and iOS (although the former will also be accessible on desktop and mobile browsers).

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