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Here’s how Xiaomi’s radical under-display selfie camera works (Latest version)

Xiaomi and Oppo made technology headlines yesterday when they changed self-cameras on social media. The technology, which was supposedly a while away from release, may come sooner than you think.

Now Xiaomi's senior vice president, Wang Xiang, has asked Twitter how it works on technology.

Wang points out that the screen has a small portion with a transparent display made from a "special low reflective glass with high transmittance." The transparent display works like a normal screen when you're not in the camera – but what about the image quality?

The CEO says you're looking at a 20MP selfie selfie camera, claiming this solution offers better images than another noteworthy alternative.

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"By allowing more light into the lens, the display-camera built-in kitchen can make perfect perfect selfies, clearer and sharper than the pinhole camera solution. [presumably the punch-hole camera – ed] when the camera is activated, "reads an extract of Wang's slide.

However, this is a very urgent demand, because image quality is probably the biggest concern about selfie camera display. The selfie camera has to look essentially through the screen, and like in-display fingerprint sensors must be viewed through a screen. And we all know how poor the first generation of scanners were. Do you want to buy a phone with a first-generation selfie selfie camera? Let us know in the comments!

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