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Here’s what the OnePlus 7 Pro ‘ghost touching’ problem looks like (Latest version)

Now that early adopters are OnePlus 7 Pro For about a week, real-world usage reports arrive. Unfortunately, it seems that many 7 Pro owners are experiencing a problem that can only be described as "ghost touch".

in this thread On the official OnePlus forums, users describe the ghost that touches a screen button at the top of the screen, although their fingers are nowhere near that area. If this happens enough, it can prevent you from doing other things on the phone, as the taps may prohibit additional taps in other areas.

Here at Android Authority, we were able to duplicate the ghost-free issue on two separate OnePlus 7 Pro devices. Check the GIF below to see it in action:

To test it yourself on your own, 7 Pro, download and install it for free CPU-Z app. Open the app and leave the phone for a few minutes in the corridor with the screen on. If you notice that touch feeds occur, even if you do not touch the screen, it is the ghost input.

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If you turn off the display and then on again, the taps will stop. However, they will probably start randomly one day shortly afterwards.

It is unclear what is now causing the problem. More importantly, it is also unclear whether this can be rectified with a software patch. If it's a hardware problem, it can be a big problem for OnePlus.

We came out to OnePlus about this issue and will update this article if we return. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you encounter this problem on your OnePlus 7 Pro.

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