Here’s why you couldn’t access YouTube on Sunday (Latest version)

Google has opened up why some of its services went down the US on Sunday. Affected users were temporarily unable to access Google products like Youtube, Gmail and Google Drive, or can only do so in limited capacity.

In a post on the Google Cloud blog Google apologized for the mistake on Monday, stating: "It is our mission to make Google's services available to everyone around the world, and if we don't get away from it – as we did yesterday, it's very serious. "

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The company also set out the reason for the accident. Google said it intended to make a configuration change to a small number of servers in one place, but this change was accidentally applied to many more servers in more regions. These servers then reduced their network capacity by more than half; The resulting overload and congestion is what caused the connectivity issues for users.

Google said its engineering teams are now doing a thorough post-mortem to ensure that we understand all the contributing factors for both network capacity loss and slow recovery. "

Is the failure a major problem?

Google's services go from time to time – core products have also gone a few hours back in time October last year. Judging by Google cloud status dashboard, this recent issue lasted for about four and a half hours.

In the big scheme of things, it's small brackets – I used it Gmail for about eight years and can't remember ever having such a problem firsthand. But for people waiting for & # 39; an important message, or those who need access to a critical document in their Drive folder, this can be a disturbing wait for normal service to continue go.

Thankfully, Google seems to appreciate how important its cloud infrastructure is, and I suspect such errors will remain an irregular event.

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