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How to legitimately get paid apps for free! (Latest version)

Free premium programs aren't terribly difficult to get. Unfortunately, the vast majority of "free" offers are sketchy and developers often suffer from it. Piracy on Android is & # 39; n serious legal problem. But we also understand that mobile apps and games are luxury items, not essential, and not everyone can afford the latest Monument Valley or The Room game. Don't worry, fellow internet thinkers, because there are many legitimate ways to get free stuff without stealing it.

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Get paid apps for free with other free apps

There is actually a small collection of programs that scan the Play Store for free app offers. The most popular and effective include AppSales, PAGF, and App Hoarder. These apps scan the Play Store for temporary free apps and send the savings to you. This site does what the previous three programs do, but in the website format.

There are many good things about these programs. They all lead to the Play Store. So, there are no third party downloads to worry about. In addition, they use real, real deals in the Play Store, so there's no piracy. In fact, how they handle these temporary free programs and the listing assignment is about the only difference between them. You can choose any of them and it should be good.

Most apps that help you get free pay programs are mostly the Play Store for trading.

Another popular choice in this category is Google adviesbelonings. It's not available anywhere, but it's a great way to earn Google Play credit for free. That credit is useful on programs, games and in-app purchases. In fact, the only thing you can't use it with is a subscription. Make sure you stay your location so the program can see where you have been.

There are some alternatives, but they are still outlining. For example, GetJar and Aptoide offer some apps for free, which is premium on Google Play. but those stores regularly offer pirate programs without much consideration for the damage it offers developers. Plus, no one knows if the APK & # 39; s were changed before the upload. We do not recommend such methods. Another popular option was Amazon Underground. Unfortunately, Amazon closed that initiative in 2017.

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Reddit, blogs and similar outlets

Many app and game sales are impromptu and therefore difficult to track or predict. However, technology blogs and various suberdits are good ways to keep up with potential transactions. Many of these sales are only a day long and are easily missed if you don't see it right away.

Popular subreddits for this kind of stuff include Google Play Deals and Android Game Deals. There are many free stuff there. Here's an example of how a post generally looks when the program or game is free.

Our recommendation is to follow and regularly access both of these sub-audits. Also, read technology blogs like us for larger listings on more popular items, such as this one-day sale on Bloons TD 6.

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Beta key

Beta testing is a fun and different way to get premium apps and games for free. In fact, I did it personally with the Flamingo Twitter app when it was in beta. Most programs in Early Access beta on Google Play are completely free and you can play it for free in the final version if the developer is nice about it.

You can access early access titles by opening the Google Play store, tapping the Apps tab and then scrolling the bar below the tab until you have the Early Access page. From there, choose which apps or games you want, enter, and play! This is a fairly simple process overall, but there is no guarantee that you will get free premium games with this method.

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Last ditch attempts

Social media is a decent place to do free stuff, but it is wildly contradictory. You will probably not get free codes for expensive Square Enix games. Icon package developers, on the other hand, throw out free download codes on a consistent basis. Of course, this requires that you find all these developers and hope you are online when they throw out codes.

To be honest, these methods work only if you're happy, but we've included it for the sake of completeness.

This is not a method we recommend consistently, but sometimes it works. In addition, technological blogs and YouTube channels sometimes promote apps and games through free download codes as a prize. Again, it's not a super consistent method to get free paid apps for free, but it's still an option.

Did we miss any good, legal methods to get paid programs for free? Tell us about them in the comments!