HP adds real wood to its latest Envy laptops (Latest version)


HP Not only do they want to make their laptops powerful and easy to use, but the company also wants them to look different from any other notebooks on the market. Today, HP announced new versions of the Envy laptop and x360 convertible PC, and all have real wood as part of their material. HP says the convertible Envy notebooks are the first to ever be released with authentic wood in their designs.

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The wood on the new Envy laptops is either natural walnut or light birch and is used for the area underneath the keyboard, including the top of the Microsoft Precision Touchpad used in all Envy notebooks. HP says the wood material retains its natural texture and feel while also being very durable. HP added that the wood used in the Envy is environmentally friendly, as it comes from a sustainable forest.

HP light birch wood computer HP

The new Envy laptops come in three models. The Envy 13 features an Intel processor and natural walnut wood combined with Nightfall Black fabric for the rest of the notebook. It will also be sold as an x360 convertible, with AMD processors, in your choice of natural walnut and nightfall black or with the light birch wood in combination with the ceramic white material. The notebooks weigh less than 2.6 pounds and will have a battery life of up to 19.5 hours.

The HP Envy 15 will only be sold as an x360 convertible notebook, with either an Intel or AMD chip. You also have the option of including natural walnut and Nightfall Black or the light birch wood in combination with the natural silver material. Finally there is the large HP Envy 17 standard laptop, with Intel chips and light birch and natural silver material options.

HP has no longer disclosed specific information about its new Envy notebooks, including hardware specifications, pricing and release date. We will update this post when we learn more.

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