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HTC apparently still makes smartphones, may launch a new one next week (Latest version)

HTC Taiwan

HTC hasn't pushed out a big smart phone since the divisions HTC U12 Plus and Exodus 1 blockchain cellphone last year. But the veteran manufacturer seems to have something on his sleeve next week.

HTC has placed a photo on it Facebook page (see in a well-known picture), an event taking place on June 11th. Machine translation gives us no clues about the product category, but it's been a while since our HTC smartphone.

GSMArena believes that the Taiwanese manufacturer & # 39; s a middle-class device called HTC U19e will launch at the June 11 event. This phone apparently appeared on Antutu and Geekbench, and is said to be " Snapdragon 710 slide and 6 GB of RAM. A new mid-range phone is always welcome, but we hope HTC looks Google, Huawei, Realme, and Xiaomi when it comes to value for money and specifications.

What else can be on the cards?

The HTC U12 Plus.

A second possibility is that we look at a follow-up to the U12 Plus. This will probably mean "" Snapdragon 855 slides, great photo quality, and the firm's edge clamp functionality. However, our own Jimmy Westenberg robbed the 2018 model for his unlucky battery life, terrible power / volume buttons and a high price in his HTC U12 Plus review. So hopefully the company tackles these issues if we actually look at a follow-up.

Editor's choice

The final phone-related possibility is that we look at a follow-up to the HTC Exodus 1. The company report is confirmed that a April successor in the works was for a 2019 release, but since then we've heard nothing from this device.

However, HTC does more than just smartphones, so don't be surprised if the company has new Vive VR products to show. What do you want from the firm at its 11 June meeting? Let us know in the comment section!

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