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Huawei founder would be ‘first to protest’ if China banned Apple (Latest version)

The US Government's Trade Ban Against Huawei comes amid rising tensions between the country and China. This also led some to wonder whether China would return with US technology sanctions apple.

But Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said Bloomberg that he would protest a Chinese ban against Apple and the Cupertino company called his "teacher".

"It won't even happen. And secondly, if that happens, I'll be the first to protest," Ren said. "Apple is my teacher, it's in the lead. As a student, why am I going against my teacher? Never."

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Ren also acknowledged that Huawei has stolen US technology despite it many demands against the firm.

"I stole the US technology from tomorrow. The US doesn't even have that technology," he said. Bloomberg. Ren added that there would be no reason for President Donald Trump to attack the company if it was behind the US

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The Huawei founder also acknowledged that the US ban had affected her 5G leads, but insists that the company can provide solutions to fill the gap. Ren has not extended a timeline to implement these replacement solutions.

Ren's comments come when Huawei is increasingly isolated because of the US ban. All of them Intel and Qualcomm after the SD Association and arm Ties with the firm as part of the US order. Do you think China will act against Huawei's ban on Apple? Let us know in the comments!

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