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I’m tired of giving up battery life for a reasonably sized phone (Latest version)

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Jimmy Westenberg

Right now, me Google Pixel 3 sitting on my desk in its natural habitat: on the Pixel Stand. It now lives there – not because I want it, but I can't get away from using it as my main smartphone. The battery life is just too poor.

Surprised, surprised, right? Not only did we mention it in our complete Pixel 3 reviewbut many others have also done. I enjoy wireless charging, but it doesn't make the 2.5-3 hours of the screen on time I get every day. It's half what other big flagships offer, and about an hour or two shy of what Pixel 2 XL get it Android Q beta.

That's right, a mobile phone with beta software (though with a larger battery) is getting more lifespan from a charge as a mobile phone with stable software. It's not that I didn't Pixel 2 XL – It's actually one of my favorite phones of all time – I'm just getting a little worn with big phones.

Every phone is big now. Even the small phones offer more than enough screen real estate to watch YouTube and browse through Instagram. I think that's why I got more on phones now than I used to be. You get a mobile phone that is easy to handle and does not store a lot of room in your pocket.

But battery life is one of the sacrifices you have to make with smaller phones, and it gets old.

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I don't want to exclude the Pixel 3 here. It is common knowledge that phones with smaller batteries do not last as long as phones with larger batteries. This is definitely the case with the Galaxy S10e, iPhone XS, and Huawei P30 compared to theirs bigger counterparts.

When you buy a phone for $ 750 or more – regardless of the size of the screen – you should expect a certain number of features and perform well in most areas. The Pixel 3 Nails it in most categories for me, except for the battery life. And I know the Pixel 3 XL can last longer in a single load.

But damn, I don't want to fly around a big phone anymore.

Is there no end to madness? Will this little phone ever improve bad battery life? Or are all the small cellphone owners attached to their charging cables for the rest of their lives?

This may be a bit of an overreaction, but you know what I mean.

So, for all those who prefer small phones, I want to know: are you willing to set up a poor battery life for a smaller shape factor? Or is battery life so important that you choose the larger phone?