Intel finally bringing 10th Gen Intel Core “Ice Lake” processors to the market (Latest version)

As expected Intel today unveils its 10th Gen Ice processors today Computex 2019, along with some other announcements.

The new Ice Lake processors are built around the 10nm process, boasting up to four cores and eight wires. Ice Lakes slides offer an 18% increase in IPC (instruction per cycle) over Skylake, thanks to the new Sunny Cover core.

Another important focus is graphical improvement with the new Gen11 graphics engine, which is supposed to provide 2x performance boost. AI is as important as the new 2.5x performance slides on AI workloads. Other enhancements include support for Wi-Fi 6 to gigabit speed and integrated Thunderbolt 3 capabilities.

Intel will release chips over its i3, i5 and i7 lines and the first devices to use it will hit the market later this year. The Ice Lake line is at least focused on notebooks with U and Y variants ranging between 9 and 25W TDP.

While Ice Lake was Intel's biggest announcement, the company also announced the 9th-generation Intel Core mobile and desktop VPro processors, built with business users in mind. More exciting, Intel also unveils its Core-X slideshows designed with creative ideas. These processors offer improved speed and the new Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, which increases more than two cores to maximum clock speed.

Finally, Intel talked about his project Athena initiative, which is about creating a standard for partners to follow in terms of things like 16h (or better) battery life, improved responsiveness and faster wake-up times to get.

Frankly, Intel's Computex 2019 announcements were all pretty predictable, which is unfortunately predominant AMD is really on the offensive now. On the other hand, it is good to see that Intel has more competition from its competitor than ever before, as more competition is always a good thing for consumers.

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