Jabra Elite Active 45e review: Keeping outdoor athletes safe (Latest version)

Sun out, guns out, which means more of us will be heading for training sessions. While there advantages For traditional ear plugs, outside athletes should be aware of their environment. Jabra knows the importance of vigilance and develops the Jabra Elite Active 45e with safety in mind.

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What is the Jabra Elite Active 45e like?

The earbuds are ideal for outdoor activities, as they make users aware of their environment.

It is unapologetically workout earplugs. The bulky casings are joined by a TPE cable and sturdy reinforced hooks. It's easy to form them at the back of the ear, and it's worth it. I ran, climbed stones and cycled while wearing it without experiencing any instability. Volume buttons control the bottom of the right earplug and are easy to reach while controlling the left earplug virtual assistant access.

The own earplugs are deep in the ear canal without creating a complete seal. This is good, as it maximizes security while still achieving outside sound. If you're uncomfortable, try one of the two alternative size tips. Another great feature is that IP67 building dust and water resistant. This means that you can bring them to the dunes or beach without problems.

It is disappointing to see the micro USB input, rather than USB-C, for charging. However, the earbuds support fast charging: 15 minutes of charging offers an hour of playback. In the meantime, it takes about two hours to complete a full charge of the 500mAh battery, which lasts just over nine hours.

Are connections good?

Yes, Jabra's wireless products has excellent connection strength and the Jabra Elite Active 45e is no exception. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 and offers a 10 meter wireless range. During testing, a complete decoupling did not occur to the 12 meter point. This extra flexibility is great if you are at the gym and do not want to pick up your phone from station to station.

The earbuds work via Bluetooth 5.0 and remain connected outside the 10 meter range.

The only downside is the lack high quality codec support. It makes sense, because sound quality is not a priority with these earbuds. The lack of support leads to little laughs regarding command responsiveness and audiovisual streaming. This is one of the disadvantages of the SBC codec. Supporting it is affordable and does not require much processing power, but it suffers from high latency.

How does Jabra Elite Active 45e sound?

The earplugs are covered in a blue surface with water.

Due to the IP67 rating, the earplugs can be fully immersed in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

The 45s don't sound good, but they're not supposed to do it. Since this workout deliberately allows ear plugs to penetrate the inside of the outside noise, the sound is quality. It says they sound better than a few leg guide headphones Perhaps, although you are still aware of your environment. Bass notes are emphasized to depict low-end and vocal frequencies. Generally, clarity is lacking due to the unobtrusive treble response. Due to the audio signature of the Elite Active 45s, pop, hip-hop and rap sounds the best. To get a full explanation of how the earbuds sound, read SoundGuys & # 39; take.

Do you have to buy it?

If most of your training sessions are outside, yes, these $ 100 earplugs are worth it. Connection strength and environmental awareness are key during exercise, and Jabra prioritises both with the Elite Active 45th. For those who are looking for a more versatile pair of earbuds with better sound quality, watch the Jaybird Tarah.

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