Justice Department eyeing antitrust case against Google (Latest version)

Google said the target of a new Justice Department was investigated, reports said Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.

The department of the Justice Department's Antitrust division compiled the basic principles needed to form an investigation, says sources known to the agency's plans. The move would put the search giant's business practices under the microscope and make the trouble for his many business units. In addition to its main search business, Google & # 39; offers a wide variety of products and services, including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Assistant and Android.

Google no stranger to investigations

In 2013, the Federal Trade Commission & # 39; similar sin closed in Google's behavior. At that time, the FTC considered it to have broken no laws. However, Google voluntarily made some changes to the way to gather certain investigation units. The Justice Department and the FTC only recently agreed which of the two agencies, which share antitrust duties, will follow the new investigation into Google.

Google is A regular target of the European Commission. In March, the E.U. fined Google $ 1.7 billion about "abusive" online advertising strategies. In July 2018, the E.U. Google received a $ 5.1bn fine about Android antitrust.

The timing of the new investigation comes after some in the US government have asked for large technology companies to be broken up.

In March, Sen. Elizabeth Warren suggested companies like Google and Facebook are being pulled apart. More specifically, she believes that mergers and acquisitions gave these companies too much power.

"Current antitrust laws empower federal regulators to break up mergers that reduce competition," she wrote in a message on Medium.

Not the Justice Department or Google immediately responded to requests for comment, and the exact nature of the sin is unknown. For example, it is unclear whether the Department of Justice has still contacted Google about the potential investigation.

Android Authority will provide more details on the investigation once it is made available to the public.

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