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Lenovo Smart Clock vs Google Nest Hub: Which is better for your bedroom? (Latest version)

The growing family of Google Assistant Devices even increased with the addition of the Lenovo Smart Clock – A $ 79 smart companion designed for the bedroom.

Other than that Google Home Page smart speaker series, the Lenovo Smart Clock Sports is a small display that allows visual and touchscreen features. This brings the Lenovo Smart Clock more in line with smart screens such as Lenovo's own range and the recently rebranded Google Nest Hub family.

If you're looking for a smart device, you'll probably be slightly smaller than that Google Nest Hub Max or Lenovo Smart Display, leaving you with the Lenovo Smart Clock or the regular Google Nest Hub.

But what's better? Find out in this Lenovo Smart Clock vs Google Nest Hub showdown!

Design and display

Lenovo Smart Clock vs Google Nest Hub behind

The Lenovo Smart Clock is the smallest Google Assistant device with a view to date. The 4-inch IPS LCD The display is touch-compatible and has a resolution of 800 x 480. The Google Nest Hub has a larger 7-inch screen with a slightly higher resolution (1,024 x 600). Unfortunately, both devices have considerable possessions.

Lenovo has clearly adapted the overall look of the Smart Clock to suit Google's home suite. The small, subtle shape factor combined with the gray cloth material enclosing the device reminds of Home Mini, although Lenovo has chosen to include handy physical volume buttons on the top of the device.

Lenovo adapted the Smart Clock to look like Google's Home Products.

The Google Nest Hub meanwhile has a more functional design that looks as if someone has tied a tablet to a Bluetooth speaker. The Nest Hub's speaker section also has a pastel-colored speaker over the speaker, although it appears in a variety of color options along gray.

Like the Smart Clock, the Nest Hub has volume control via a rocker and both devices have a mute slider to turn off the microphone. The Smart Clock also has a USB port so you can charge your account phone, SmartWatchor any other USB device via the Clock itself – perfect to ride your bed of cable spaghetti.

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Elsewhere, the Lenovo Smart Clock and Google Nest Hub are both a single ambient light sensor between two boring microphones above the screen. Similarly, no device has a camera, which should relieve privacy concerns.


Lenovo Smart Clock vs. Google Nest Hub controls

Like the Lenovo Smart Display, the Lenovo Smart Clock runs Android stuff with support for all core Google Assistant functionality. This means you can see the weather, see calendar events, view commute information, play music, and more through your voice or touchscreen through a slider-based user interface unique to the Smart Clock .

The Smart Clock supports routines for activating various Assistant features, such as reading the news and displaying the weather forecast by a single command. This can be created and edited via the Google Homepage application, where you will set up and keep your device up to date.

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The biggest difference between the two devices is that Google's Nest Hub is on personalized version of Google Cast more common hardware and software Chromecast products. This makes Google's Hub a little smarter than Android smart shows; However, the Lenovo Smart Clock has even more basic features that you can expect at a smart device with any kind of display.

To start, you can't play any video on the Smart Clock. In light of the small size, it is clear that the Smart Clock is never designed for video playback, but it is quite strange that the basic functionality is removed if it has at least the option. It's made even more strange by the fact that the Smart Clock can display a video feed from Nest cameras, with other third party camera support coming in a future update.

Editor's choice

More disappointing is the complete lack of support for Google Photo's. Many, even included, use the Nest Hub and other clever shows to show album slideshows such as a digital photo frame. It is not possible on the Smart Clock. Although not ideal for video, the 4-inch screen is larger than large to display images. If you want to see snaps from your family and friends on your bed, you'll need a decent clever view.

Simply, the Lenovo Smart Clock is more of a smart speaker that displays a display of time and basic information, while the Google Nest Hub is built from the ground to the full potential of the screen. utilized.

The Lenovo Smart Clock has some unique features related to the alarm. Both the Smart Clock and Google Nest Hub have environmental displays to keep out night light pollution, but the Smart Clock's Sunrise Alarm feature gradually increases brightness from 30 minutes before the alarm is turned off. You can also turn off the alarm by using a single stop command or by tapping the top of the device like a real alarm.


Lenovo Smart Clock vs Google Nest Hub Music

The Lenovo Smart Clock is equipped with a three-watt speaker and two passive radiators. Although not barking, the Smart Clock sounds much better than the Google Home Mini overall with richer music song sounds. The Google Nest hub sounds a little better, but given the size of the full-range speaker, it's fair to expect a bigger difference between the two. Both devices support multi-room audio grouping and streaming for Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, and more.

If you're looking for a really good sound experience, there are far better smart-frequency devices than the Lenovo Smart Clock and Google Nest Hubs. Between the two, the Smart Clock goes slightly better in relative terms thanks to its cheaper price and smaller shape factor.

Price and pronunciation

Lenovo Smart Clock vs. Google Nest Hub Features

The Lenovo Smart Clock costs $ 79.99 and is available at Lenovo's online store, Walmart, Best buy, and several other major retailers in the US. It is also available in the UK Lenovo for £ 79.99.

The Google Nest Hub recently received a permanent price cut from $ 149 to $ 129, and is available to Google Store and several major US retailers. The Google Nest Hub also dropped from £ 139 to £ 119 in the UK ..

The Lenovo Smart Clock is a glorified smart speaker with a screen.

Unless you are in the UK, where the price difference of £ 40 is worth more than the upgrade, the Lenovo Smart Clock does just enough to justify its place over the Nest Hub. The cheaper price does not reflect a large drop in quality in design, audio or Google assistant features, although it is a pity to see as much potential as possible, which is only wasted with basic performance features.

Buyers who want a truly clever show, find the Smart Clock very lacking. The Google Nest Hub is probably the best in the category, but if you just want a smart safe to wake you up in the morning, adjust the Lenovo Smart Clock to the account.

Lenovo Smart Clock Alternative

Not convinced by the Lenovo Smart Clock? Check out these other options currently available for sale!

Amazon Echo Spot

The Amazon Echo Spot.

If you don't mind contacting Alexa, it is Amazon Echo Spot is the most obvious contender of the Lenovo Smart Clock. The Echo Spot does a little more with its circular screen, but is much more expensive and has a camera that is a little invasive in a bedroom.

Google Home Mini

google house mini aqua mint blue

The Google Home Mini Fall the show so you can't see the time, but is a much cheaper option for your night table.

Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Smart Display Review

Do you have enough space in your bedroom? Lenovo's Smart Display line comes in 8-inch and 10-inch varieties. They also offer better sound, although you may not want to see a camera while you sleep. Lenovo's options here are also much more expensive.

JBL Link View

JBL Link View

If you want a Google assistant device that is more like the Nest hub, but with better sound, then it's JBL Link View is a look.

That's all for our Lenovo Smart Clock vs Google Nest Hub comparison. Which device do you think fits the bedroom better? Let us know in the comments.