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Major Facebook redesign puts Groups and Events front and center (Latest version)

Facebook is making major changes to the design of its mobile application that prioritises Groups and Activities. The redesign is now rolling out to Android and iOS devices (via The Verge).

The most obvious changes are the new, cleaner look and the brand new groups tab. Located in the menu bar, Facebook users can now browse the updates of all their groups in a news feed format.

Facebook app groups redesign
Facebook app groups redesign
Facebook app Meet new friends feature

The section also contains recommendations for new groups in a Discover tag. Other groups of changes include the ability to post directly to the News Feed to Groups, and closer integration within the Watch and Marketplace division.

To accompany the new Group tab, familiarize Facebook with a new feature known as Meet New Friends. This new tool encourages connections with other Facebook users with similar interests and friends.

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Activities also get some love and later in the summer in a tab next to the new group tab.

The section will contain an improved map view to find and organize events, much easier.

The redesign of "FB5" is rolled out worldwide today after it was announced Facebook's F8 conference.

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April 30, 2019: Facebook has committed to bringing Facebook Dating to the United States by the end of 2019. Facebook also launched a new feature called Secret Crush. The purpose of Secret Crush is to help you connect with people with whom you are already friends. The service is coming soon in five countries, with 14 more on the road.

New steps to reduce "problematic content"

April 9, 2019: Facebook has announced that updates from the "Remove, Reduce, Information" initiative are facing several controversies that include content on the social network. A new section on the Facebook Community Standards website for tracking updates, and a greater suppression on Facebook Groups that distributes incorrect information. Trust indicators are also added to the News feed context button for English and Spanish content, and the content button has been expanded to images. Users leaving Facebook groups will now be able to remove all their posts and comments.

Facebook Tributes for secret accounts

April 9, 2019: Facebook added a new feature for memorialized profiles. With the new Facebook tributes profile section, friends and family can share posts in a separate tab. Facebook can now also allow older contacts to moderate moderation posts and change the rules so that only friends and family members can request to remember an account.

Facebook Game tab

March 14, 2019: Facebook added a dedicated game page. The new feed gives users quick access to Instant Games, play video & games related games.

Facebook Watch Party with Live TV and Tap to Spotify

March 13, 2019: Facebook's Watch Party feature has been upgraded to show people. Users can now talk about events happening on real TV, such as soccer matches. The company also added to Spotify so that users can type in a profile song and listen directly to Spotify with a single tap.

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