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Master your camera with this $19 photography training (Latest version)

Put your phone and pick up your camera. If you've stunned all of the buttons and settings, do yourself a favor and sign up for the Photography Diploma Masterclass.

Live Online Academy's month long Photography Diploma Masterclass will help you from fully automatic to full manual shooting. For a few hours every week, you learn how to capture the beauty around you like a pro.

You will start with basics such as camera types, features, and specific situations that call for each model. Then you will dive essential photography skills, of focus and exposure to the relationship between shutter speed and aperture.

To complete the training you will even be popular editing programs and identify the major differences between them.

The Photography Masterclass at a glance:

  • Access eight lessons over a one-month period, with three-hour courses per week.
  • Explore photographic styles and how they are used as forms of communication.
  • Study common features that appear on most cameras.
  • Explore the most commonly used lenses and when and where they are used.
  • Learn how to use light meters to understand your exposure.
  • Understand light sources, use focus, different types of cameras, and more.

Typically $ 395, you can enter the Photography Diploma Masterclass for today not $ 19. Upon completion, you'll get & # 39; CPD certification to validate your new and improved camera skills.

The Promotion ends in a few days, check it via the button below.

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