New Google Play policies will hopefully make apps safer for kids (Latest version)

In a post published today at Android developers blog, Google has announced some new policy updates when it comes to apps on the Google Play Store. The updates revolve around programs aimed at children – or programs that can be laid out for children.

The most common healthy updates are as follows:

  • If children are the target audience of the program, the program should follow certain guidelines when it comes to personal information.
  • Programs adapted for children should have appropriate ads from Google-certified advertising networks in accordance with its policies.
  • If a program is not adapted for children, it should not be interpreted in any way as it is for children.

Overall, there is nothing too surprising. However, Google is very serious about maintaining this policy.

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Google Introduces a new way for developers to declare a target audience for their applications. This involves developers filling out a short questionnaire on each program they own on the Google Play store. Google will then monitor and verify the accuracy of the questionnaire which will help to organize the company and deliver programs to users of different ages.

The policy updates literally affect every developer and product on Google Play and will be compulsory for all new programs starting today. Google gives developers a grace period to complete the questionnaire for previously-rated programs, which ends on September 1, 2019. On that date, devs had to fill in the questionnaire for everything they own.

These changes didn't come long afterwards YouTube made similar policy updates surrounding children. These updates responded to predatory behavior in YouTube comments, as well as videos that looked like children, but containing adult themes.

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