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No Intel 5G modems until 2020, so iPhone might be a year behind Android (Latest version)

According to a new report from Reuters, chipmaker Intel will not release a 5G smartphone modem in a consumer level device. This app comes directly from Intel, via a recent media event in California.

apple use Intel modems exclusively in the latest crop of iPhones – the iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR. If Apple intends to use an Intel modem in its ultimate 5G iPhone, that means we won't see that device until 2020.

It will be Apple at least a year behind Android as it comes 5G smartphones. Launching the 5G iPhone in September next year – the regular month of new iPhone launches – will be close to 18 months behind.

Admittedly, there are several ways in which Apple can avoid it. The most obvious is that the company does not use an Intel modem in a 5G iPhone. But since Qualcomm refused to provide chips For the last round of iPhones due to the ongoing legal battles between the two companies, Apple does not allow many viable options to turn around.

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There is also the possibility that Apple could create its own 5G modem. However, it seems unlikely because we are just recently heard rumors About Apple, internal modem development is becoming more serious.

Whatever the case, 5G Android phones will start with a relentless pace, starting in just a few days Mobile World Congress. By the middle of this year, almost every major device manufacturer will release or release its 5G smartphone.

It would be very strange if Apple did not release its own 5G iPhone a year after this Android flood.

Intel explained that it would have commercial grade 5G products before the end of the year, but not on consumer level products.

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