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OnePlus 7 Pro feedback: Here’s what OnePlus says about ghost touch, new feature requests (Latest version)

The OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the better smartphones in 2019, thanks to its smooth screen, top-end silicon, and pop-up camera. However, like any big smartphone, there are a few niggles, and the firm has addressed some of these complaints about its forum.

Start with battery life, some OnePlus 7 Pro Users complained that the phone's endurance wanted them to. But OnePlus's test so far has found that the new phone is in the same ballpark as its previous device.

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"According to our real test, the OnePlus 7 Pro, with the refresh rate set at 90Hz (which automatically scales down to content) and intelligent resolution turned on," has a significantly improved battery life compared to the OnePlus 6, and very close OnePlus 6T under the same test condition, "the firm said. Then we would also like to see a test with the resolution of the new phone.

The company also responded to the ghost touch problem, which becomes fantasy on the phone's screen. OnePlus confirmed that it was working on the problem and hoped to fix it as soon as possible.

More OnePlus 7 Pro Features?

OnePlus also responded to two key feature requests, namely, a continuous display and ultra-wide video recording.

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"It is still being considered. We are improving the efficiency of power consumption for this feature before we implement it," said a company representative on an always-on-screen.

The OnePlus representative said the firm was monitoring the demand for ultra-wide recording and would also investigate its feasibility. Still, this is a reasonable omission when the owners of Huawei, LG, and Samsung devices all offer this option.

Are there specific OnePlus 7 Pro issues that you would like to have addressed by the team? Post a comment below!

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